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Masman Bosman, a cosy private ambiance combined with a solid working atmosphere

Fokkema & Partners Architecten

Interior  /  Completed
Fokkema & Partners Architecten

A cosy private atmosphere combined with a robust working atmosphere

You can almost feel the sand between your toes in this office-villa at a stone’s throw away from the beach. Here you overlook the strikingly blue waters of the harbour with a number of elegant sailing boats knotted to the solid wooden mooring posts. We couldn't help but be inspired by these special surroundings. Our design combines the setting of an intimate beach villa and a raw harbour atmosphere where work is done!

Atmospheres that stimulate the mind
The design is purposeful but original. The interior reflects the rough harbour atmosphere through the finishes of the exposed concrete structure, combined with rust paint on the walls which imitate Corten steel. The sturdy open ceiling creates a spacious feeling.

In addition, the plywood cupboards are a nod to old shipping crates. The staircase's balustrades, finished with woven rope, are reminiscent of fishing boats and recur as a graphic pattern on some of the transparent walls.

The whole is modest but sophisticated, worked out in carefully matched materials and colour combinations. The different shades of grey, rust, pink, sand, blue and green are drawn from the landscape. The detailed design, with lounge nooks and soft-touch flooring in a matte cast, creates an intimate feeling - as if you were staying in a comfortable beach villa.

There is a natural transition between the outside surroundings and the spatial design which encourages the users to approach their working environment in this same way; as a place where they can wander and explore.

We have been involved in numerous projects with high sustainability requirements. The funny thing is that sustainability has never been the starting point of our design process: that has always been the well-being of users.
We strive for a place that is there for the long run and deserves sustainable choices. We design environments with a long-term mindset. So, we prefer timeless quality over completely recyclable options that have only short-term value. And we rather renovate an existing building instead of building something completely new.
This project is a good example of our trademark to revive outdated buildings. One example of sustainable solutions in this project is the reuse of existing file cabinets, adjusted to provide storage space and shelter in the open work structure.

Making place: for internal and external use
This contrast between a cosy private atmosphere and a robust working atmosphere is fully in line with the function of the building.

In the attractive open working environment, there is space for connectivity and creativity for ca. 30 employees who were previously used to working in private offices. The various workstations still meet individual needs, such as working standing up or sitting down, but also give the flexibility to change your workstation. A central block with transparent consultation spaces, for video calls and meetings, divides the work zone into a number of intimate pockets. The difference in floor height makes the open space exciting and diverse.

The entrance floor welcomes clients in a spacious and inviting environment. This area has a lively view of the harbour. The meeting rooms in this area have a homely and comfortable appearance with both a conference table and a seating area. These rooms are enclosed by rust and semi-transparent glass walls to ensure the customers’ privacy.

User Engagement
The design evolved during the process due to the client's enthusiasm. It evolved from a pragmatic plan to a complete and durable design with comfortable tactility, which positively surprised both ourselves and the client.

The joined voyage of discovery can give the client a fresh perspective on their work experience. It challenges us to listen to the client and look for qualitative and original yet practical solutions.

We are proud to have received positive feedback from the users. The functionality and detailing of the design are in a fine balance. The office has been transformed into a work experience that fits the company’s story and vision for the future. Masman Bosman en Wolkers & Co: "It was a joy to work together with the Fokkema & Partners Architecten team to create new office spaces."


 The Hague (Scheveningen)
 Paesi Bassi
 Masman Bosman en Wolkers & Co (More information on the client: Masman Bosman fiscal financial advisers and Wolkers & Co fiduciary asset managers,
 800 mq
 Fokkema & Partners Architecten
 Diederik Fokkema, Anne Marie Boon, Marc Souverrein, Marjolijn Damen
 Verwol (contractor)
 Smeulders (joinery), Van Ginderen (electrical engineering), NEVO (mechanical engineering), AND IT Solutions (data solutions)
 Desque (furniture), Verwol (system walls)
 Lucas van der Wee


Fokkema & Partners is an architecture firm that creates innovative, identity‐rich and future‐proof spatial designs around the end user. Since 1995, the agency has designed the working environment of more than 100,000 people, public spaces among which city halls and universities, restaurants, residences and other spaces where people interact. The projects encompass complete interior concepts, renovations, transformations and new building architecture. Fokkema & Partners’ design philosophy is grounded in creating meaningful spaces that connect context and narrative. Working from the inside out, it seeks the perfect communion of materials, interiors and surroundings.

Driven by curiosity and creativity, Fokkema & Partners developed many sustainable solutions that contribute to user health and wellbeing. The agency is recognised for its energy efficient designs, concepts to integrate new sustainable technologies and for its fully circular, zero waste interiors and transformations


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