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Aleida, curved line, free and natural

Angela Di Fiore

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Angela Di Fiore

Exploring the flexibility and dynamic nature of furniture led me to create design products that stand out for their customization options through various colors and assembly combinations. In this instance, by assembling three distinct modules, which can be configured either symmetrically or freely, a versatile bookcase emerges, boasting adjustable height and mutable shapes. This bookcase not only enhances the space it inhabits but also allows for a personalization that aligns with individual tastes and preferences, contributing to a uniquely inviting atmosphere through its multiple configurations. Additionally, this modular approach encourages creative expression and an interactive relationship with the furniture, redefining the spatial experience.

The bookcase's assembly options enable it to effortlessly adapt to the space, as modules can be added or removed and oriented either horizontally or vertically according to preference. Crafted from lacquered metal, the shelving unit is inherently durable, making it suitable for outdoor placement without the risk of damage due to weather elements. The Aleida bookcase, with its rounded, smooth lines, not only adds character to the space but also seamlessly integrates into modern environments. Its stylish aesthetics and modular functionality offers a blend of form and utility, transforming spaces into well-curated and functional areas that inspire creativity and elevate the ambiance.

Customization is at the forefront, as the modules are ingeniously designed for combination in diverse colors and configurations, crafting a cohesive and harmonious structure. Each module, measuring 540mm in width and 240mm in depth, accommodates books and items of varying sizes efficiently. The largest module notably stands double the height. Connect modules effortlessly using high-strength neodymium magnets or eco-conscious bio-adhesive. Additionally, they can be secured on adhesive surfaces or with minimalistic connecting hardware. This design offers endless, space-savvy configurations, blending form and functionality seamlessly.

The curved line of Zaha Hadid and the unique sign of Louis Kahn is the basis of my training and therefore of my projects and furnishings. The curved line, free and natural, creates useful spaces. The idea of creating objects that can be assembled in different ways is my constant research.


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 Angela Di Fiore


I completed my Architecture degree at the University of Naples in 1994. The next year, I teamed up with a group of enthusiastic professionals to establish InSite, a company dedicated to Engineering and Architecture. My creative talents were recognized in 1996 when I won a competition hosted by the Order of Architects of Salerno to create their new logo, which remains in use. I expanded my expertise by obtaining a specialization in Bio-Architecture from the University of Bologna in 2003. My work primarily involves architectural design and interior decoration, with a focus on residential spaces. I take projects from the initial concept phase through to completion. Additionally, I have a strong commitment to sustainable design and energy efficiency. My passion for exploring the alternative uses of objects has led me to design unique products, each distinguished by design elements and color.


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