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Serafico Residential District, a place on a human and community scale

One Works

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One Works

The Via del Serafico residential project, situated south of Rome near EUR and along Via Laurentina, addresses the pressing requirements for environmental, social, and cultural sustainability through an innovative integrated residential and service concept. Inspired by the harmonious connection between architecture, nature, and functional adaptability seen in the nearby Abbazia alle Tre Fontane historical complex, the development takes the form of a 'super condominium' nestled within a lush neighbourhood park, offering varying degrees of openness to its surroundings.

The building's layout gracefully follows the sloping land towards the north, forming a spacious U-shaped courtyard that embraces the charming olive grove surrounding the Abbey. This design also provides a breath-taking panoramic view towards the centre of Rome. The planimetric arrangement fosters a multitude of connections between the building volumes and public spaces, seamlessly blending private gardens with well-equipped indoor and outdoor areas for communal purposes such as fitness, coworking, children's play, and events.

The project prioritizes the segregation of pedestrian and vehicular areas within the urban layout. Through the implementation of two groups with ramp access to underground parking, the interconnected road system is carefully planned to maximize open-air living spaces. Architecturally, the eight buildings consist of three distinct typologies, each strategically oriented to enhance natural light and capitalize on scenic views of the landscape. Regarding construction, the project's focus is on obtaining LEED certification, reflecting its commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

The entire intervention area, spanning approximately 20,000 sqm, is envisioned as a novel urban and natural landscape that redefines the relationships between views, spatial elements, culture, and social integration with the environment. This approach permeates every aspect of the project, from the arrangement of built volumes and public spaces to the design of inhabited and collective interiors.

The buildings boast diverse volumetric articulation yet achieve harmony through consistent facade design. This continuity is achieved using large balconies that span all perimeters, adding ample external living space and enhancing internal comfort. Additionally, large full-height windows, with subtle variations from floor to floor, contribute to the buildings' visual cohesion.

The external cladding features faceted ceramic elements that interact with the sun's rays, creating dynamic and iridescent facades that beautifully blend with the sky's changing hues. This design element adds a touch of vibrancy and movement to the architecture, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The project aims to create a human-centered and community-oriented space, promoting social interactions, connecting people with nature, and ensuring smooth mobility. It emphasizes three key qualities: reception, integration, and adaptability, seamlessly blending with historical building complexes, akin to ancient Roman times. This modern "super condominium" concept derives inspiration from structures that accommodated pilgrims and survivors, adapting to diverse housing needs over the centuries.


 DEA Capital
 20000 mq
 One Works
 One Works, Dabster, Eckesley O'Callaghan, LineeVerdi. Vincenzo Amato; Luca Bonazzoli; Valentina Consalter; Marlice Imparato; Elena Luoni; Michela Maretto; Filippo Mercuri; Alessandra Nassivera; Mirco Neri; Antonio Romanò; Daniele Santoni; Valentina Smirenina; Luisa Stoler


One Works is a global architecture and engineering company with an integrated consultancy and design approach in transport infrastructure, master planning, real estate, and public and private buildings. Its significant experience in the planning and design of airports, commercial destinations, buildings, and public spaces, enables One Works to capture the complex relationships between urban development and places of high concentration and exchange, keeping people's experience at the center. Founded in 2007, One Works has grown exponentially and now works from various locations worldwide, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Venice, Rome, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Bangkok. Among the recent projects realized is the expansion of Marco Polo Airport in Venice, CityLife Square in Milan, and eleven metro stations between Doha and Riyadh. The studio is working on the King Abdul Aziz Road urban redevelopment project in Mecca, among others.

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