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Nord Tower in São Paulo, where Brazilian Modernism meets Nordic design


Housing  /  Completed

The Project seeks to explore the better of two great schools: Brazilian modernism, with the presence of concrete in slender structures, and Nordic design, with the use of natural materials, abundance of light, together with open and integrated spaces.

The housing tower has different facade expressions towards the front and back sides, showcasing a differentiation of apartment types, and providing different views for those who see the building from the outside. The same dualism is reflected in the interiors of the project, bringing together, once again, a clear spatial plasticity, with the use of natural materials and light.

Nord Tower is an residential building located in one of São Paulo's prime neighborhoods. Overcoming the constraints of a narrow plot, we embarked on an invigorating design challenge. The result is a striking concrete tower adorned with dynamic facades, meticulously crafted to provide privacy while selectively framing the breathtaking views for its residents. Amidst the bustling São Paulo skyline, this slender architectural masterpiece commands attention with its audacious volumetrics, leaving an indelible mark on the city's horizon.

During the design process of the Nord building, extensive studies were conducted to optimize natural ventilation and maximize the utilization of natural lighting, thereby reducing reliance on artificial systems. Our commitment to sustainability led us to integrate rainwater harvesting systems into the building's infrastructure, promoting responsible water management. Furthermore, we made a deliberate choice to utilize materials from certified suppliers, ensuring the construction's adherence to high-quality standards and environmental sustainability.

The Nord Tower is an exploration of slimness. Ten meters wide and eighty meters tall. One to Eight (1:8). Going deep in the heroic Brazilian modernist tradition of outstanding concrete constructions we explore concrete to the max. A single central triangular super-column liberates the structure and allows for a free forming of the frontal facade. Allowing for the superposition of two intersecting duplex apartments in just 10 meters width. The free-formed terraces incline to expand the view and space of each duplex apartment. From free plan to free section. Mies van der Rohe sideways. To dramatically expand the spatial experience of each apartment. The massive triangular pilar allows for these free intersections in a narrow width.Each apartment with a double height view to the city, the sky and the horizon. The back side is another front side. Simplex apartments are given free access to the view and sky by non-overlapping terraces. Each terrace with a unique plan, all reaching outside the box.The shared spaces combine our Scandinavian and Brazilian heritage. The raw Brazilian concrete meets refined Scandinavian wood and abundance of direct and indirect natural light.With an open groundfloor the street level is activated by a large commercial space and an Airstream inspired concrete reception and concierge box hovers between the street and the concrete planes. The base of the tower is dissolved in a series of open spaces.

The building stands as a gift to São Paulo, with its striking volumetrics that beautifully recapture the potent plasticity of Brazilian modernism and the raw elegance of exposed concrete.


 São Paulo
 8000 mq
 Adam Kurdahl, Raissa Bahia, Raphaela Erena, Massao Shibuya, Ana Mamede, Karen Vareschi, Lucas Tamarossi, Gustavo Oliveira, Luiza Canton, Isbael Bocallini, Helena Kozuchowicz, Renato Assada, André Sauaia, Lucas Damiani, Humberto Lemos, Melissa Ramos e Leandro Kimura.


Founded in 2013, SPOL Architects is an award-winning architecture and urbanism firm with offices in São Paulo and Oslo. With projects spanning the globe, we specialize in strategic and functional architecture that promotes the well-being of people. By connecting these distinct poles, we develop concepts that integrate a global vision with local characteristics and needs. We provide comprehensive services to clients, starting from business planning. Our portfolio includes projects at various scales, such as public facilities, masterplans, hotels, mixed-use buildings, landscaping, and interiors. We strive to bring our uniqueness to each project, combining design and expertise to create clear strategies that align with the objectives of each undertaking.SPOL is led by architects Adam Kurdahl, Jens Noach and Raissa Bahia.


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