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Quintas, living in harmony with each other and with nature


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The starting point for Quintas was to embrace the life of its small community. Understanding their history, their connection to the place and their needs was the beginning of the project. Decisions about the form and function were based on an intense interaction with the people who inhabit the site and the identification of key factors as opportunities to offer a better form of coexistence in the spaces. Some of the issues were the integration of nature and built components as one, outdoor spaces that are viable, the use of materials that represent low maintenance, a structure that contributes to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and the vision of the building as a core that connects all the dynamics, enhancing the extension of the site.

The building is conceived to adapt to its environment and to the people who use it, not the other way around. It is an example of conscious construction that is integrated into its natural surroundings and provides an experience that is inclusive. The building has been carefully designed as a subtle insertion. It has a foundation that connects it strongly to the ground, but subtly ends in cantilevered platforms that float above the ground and the grass, with openings that allow light to enter and vegetation to grow.

The city of Cuernavaca is located in an area known for its good climate, with sunshine all year round. Therefore, it is important to incorporate solar panels into the design of the buildings to capture as much of the sun's energy as possible. Rainwater is channeled and collected in a large cistern, taking into account the high incidence of solar radiation and the lack of municipal water supply in the area.

This project emerges as a retreat space at the heart of a community that has been functioning since 1980, where 13 houses coexist on 12,500 square meters in Cuernavaca, a city known for its privileged weather, green panorama and fertile land.
Our project offers the community spaces for reflection, wellbeing and recreation, promoting coexistence and harmony with nature. Trees over 100 years old inhabit this site, as it was a vivarium before turning into housing in the early 80s. Clay, concrete, stone and water converge in a wellness architecture.
The design strategy blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. Long concrete roofs cover open spaces, defying gravity to shelter but not confine. Interior spaces have clear glass facades, allowing users to enjoy the site's fortunate nature while indoors. The structure retains apparent concrete slabs that will proudly age with nature, and steel column grids that enabled our clear-space design principle.
This is achieved through an unobtrusive design that is strongly anchored to the ground. It ends with cantilevers that float above the ground and grass openings through which light and plants can grow. Over the years, vegetation will penetrate the built materiality, creating the perception that the building emerges from and floats above the leaves.
Our architecture identifies with its location and with the small community that brought it to life.

Quintas addresses a very peculiar kind of inhabiting between members of different families with bare limits and no boundaries. It is a close-knit community in which several generations have been involved in its history. Since its inception, they have witnessed various changes in the site and, as a result, they have a sense of the project's impact on their day-to-day lives. The spaces are designed to encourage everyone to live in harmony with each other and with nature.


 952 mq
 Rafael Gamo + Andrés Cedillo


Archetonic is a Mexico City based firm with over 30 years of experience in architecture. Our practice is the lens through which we view the world and relate with society.

Exploring multiple levels of design, we apply a systemic methodology to create self-sustaining, context-sensitive spaces that embody spatial quality and economic responsibility.

We constantly strive to go beyond the conventional. Our design process reflects on how spaces are built and inhabited in our country.

Experimenting with the limits of design has led us to unique possibilities in space. All our projects have a fundamental commitment to improve the environment. We pay attention to design methodology, materials and local processes.

Today, our greatest challenge is to strengthen the relationship with the people actively and passively involved in our projects. In doing so, we'll be able to offer more meaningful design solutions for our cities and communities.


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