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Moxy Lower East Side, Inspired by the Iconic Bowery Neighborhood

Stonehill Taylor

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Stonehill Taylor

Occupying a 16-story tower, at Moxy Lower East Side, a restrained, modern exterior honors its immediate context— with interiors that feed the curiosity and dazzle the eye, layering references to the Lower East Side’s eclectic social history with the vibrancy of today. Moxy Lower East Side features architecture by award-winning architectural firm Stonehill Taylor, which has collaborated with Lightstone on three previous New York City-based Moxy hotels. Moxy Lower East Side is the firm’s fifth Moxy property to date.

In the Lower East Side, where cobblestone streets and historic buildings edge up against the city’s more contemporary developments, Moxy Lower East Side respects its surroundings while still standing out as a destination. To that end, Stonehill Taylor conceived a wedding-cake-on-a-base-style massing with a modern facade. The first six floors conform to the heights of the traditional six-story mercantile and tenement buildings that until recently were the typical building stock of the area and present a strong horizontal datum at that level. The rest of the building’s stories are set back dramatically from the six-story base and are thus only seen from afar, harmonizing with the taller buildings of more recent construction in the city skyline.

Moxy Lower East Side’s exterior palette is refined to only three materials: black metal, glass, and concrete, which lends a timeless feel to the structure and provides contrast to the vibrant interiors, reflecting Bowery’s ever-evolving persona. An exposed concrete colonnaded arcade with a sculptural concrete overhang wraps the entrance at Bowery and Broome and occupies much of its street frontage, giving the hotel a welcoming presence along both streets. Forming a semi-public threshold between the interior and exterior, the arcade allows passersby to take shelter from the elements and steal a glimpse of the food and beverage offerings inside. Taking advantage of the arcade circulation, additional mullions were introduced into the storefront fenestration, making the space feel more accessible to pedestrians, distinguishing the ground-floor amenities from the guest room floors above, and instilling the building with a detailed and intimate feel along the streetscape.

Stonehill Taylor skillfully delved into the rich history of the Lower East Side when designing the hotel, recognizing the neighborhood’s vibrant past and unique character. Drawing inspiration from the Lower East Side's iconic tenement buildings, Stonehill Taylor infused the hotel's architecture with a nod to the neighborhood's historic charm. Moxy Lower East Side is the firm’s fifth collaboration with Moxy.


 New York
 New York, USA
 11799 mq
 Stonehill Taylor & Lightstone
 Michaelis Boyd & Rockwell Group


Stonehill Taylor is a hospitality-focused architecture and interior design firm, which takes a contextual approach to designing destinations. Stonehill Taylor-designed hotels are inspired and distinct reflections on each project's location, space, history, and culture. The firm's distinguished portfolio of hotels from across the United States includes: TWA Hotel, Ace Hotel New York and Brooklyn, the Graduate Hotel Roosevelt Island, Renaissance New York Chelsea, The Industrialist Hotel in Pittsburgh, and the Limelight resorts in Snowmass and Aspen. Stonehill Taylor is at the forefront of sustainable design, developing projects that are conscious of their impact on local communities and the world such as The Crosby Street Hotel. Among the renowned hospitality brands and developers with which the firm has worked are GFI Capital, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Firmdale Hotels, Marriott International, and the Sydell Group.


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