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Scout Hall, good design, functional spaces, and smooth circulation

Zubu Design Associates

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Zubu Design Associates

The whole composition of the Scout Hall is an inspiration of the Scout Salute and Scout Oath — The duty to God and country, the duty to others, and the duty to self. Every intricate curve and corner was detailed to create a clean and pleasing massing that highlighted these. Each massing emphasize the Scout Salute and Oath, but it also defined the spaces inside the building and created viewports from the building towards the campus. Each sinuosity in the plan also paved the space for the accesses such as the stairs from the ground floor towards the second floor towards the roof deck. Though expressive in form, the architecture of the Scout Hall shall be experienced by all members of the school’s community to frolic, settle, and use.

The scout hall aims for the building to be a connector that seamlessly integrates with the campus. It serves as a pathway to various spaces which students and users can use to move through the building, providing opportunities for chance encounters and interactions. By connecting the cafeteria with the rest of the campus, the scout hall acts as a central hub that encourages social interaction and community building. Although a small addition, we aimed to create a significant impact on the campus through the interplay of form and circulation in the design of the Scout Hall, making it an essential element of the campus's social fabric.

The Scout Hall offers numerous benefits in the form of an official place for the Scouting Unit of SHS-AdC, a storage area, additional areas for recreation, and an iconic symbol of the Scouting values of Ateneo students. The structure elevates the space of an empty lot by adding value both in function and aesthetics. The use of sun louvers acts as both shades from direct sunlight and offers privacy for the Scout's office. With plans to utilize the roof deck as an urban farm, the building offers the opportunity to promote green spaces in modern structures within the campus and serve as an inspiration for other institutions as well. The Scout Hall has also been awarded the Blue Mango Awards 2022 under Placemaking for its design excellence and its showcase of collaboration.

One of the reasons that led to the proposal of a scout hall on the campus was that the storage room for the equipment and accessories of the scouting unit of SHS-AdC was becoming more inadequate over the years. At around 20-25 square meters of storage space only, it was apparent that the school needed to provide a proper space for their scouting unit to convene and store equipment. The ground floor area of the Scout Hall is suitably divided to accommodate an office, an equipment room, a scout shop, a changing room, and a restroom. The ground floor is also readily accessible from the school building, the main canteen, and the gymnasium right across. It also has two accesses facing the road and the school building while it has walkways on its other sides. With a conventional utilitarian intent, the designers continuously challenged the status quo by veering away from the traditional concept of a scout hall. From the planning of the spaces, the objective of the circulation, and the formulation of the massing in relation to its built environment, the designers were able to create a multipurpose structure that served as the organizational and sentimental core of the Scouting Unit of SHS-AdC while keeping the building accessible and not isolated from the rest of the campus. The Scout Hall not only aims to cater to the needs of the scouting unit but also showcases excellence in architecture through the implementation of good design, functional spaces, and smooth circulation.

The architectural and structural details along with the supervision during construction also ensured that the implementation was of quality workmanship. Each undulating surface was meticulously detailed to create slopes for drainage and an appealing expression of the architectural elements of the building. The practice of excellence in architectural drawings and construction implementation demonstrates that good design goes beyond schematics. Detailing is also crucial in achieving good design.


 Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu
 319 mq
  178,102.08.00 €
 Buck Richnold I. Sia
 Zubu Design Associates: Buck Richnold I. Sia, Chester Scott F. Hinagdanan; Arkinamix: Ryan Denver C. Rasines; Ren Design Studio: Rowell Ray L. Shih
 Primary Structures Corporation
 Structural: Kevin B. Lucero, Plumbing: Leonides M. Paragsa, Electrical: Ferdinand L. Rubia, Mechanical: Leonides M. Paragsa, Electronics: Victor C. Navarro
 Jessryn Marie Lim and Jesus Victor Bedonia


Founded in 2010 by principal architect Buck Richnold Sia, Zubu Design Associates is a Cebu based progressive architecture and design studio. Zubu values the evolution of architecture, generating progressive and innovative design solutions while respecting lineage of history either by evolving or challenging what has been done before.

Buck Sia revolves his work around progress and innovation. By leading numerous companies notably Zubu Design Associates and Intranet Trade International Inc,his core beliefs of being data driven,highly initiative and strong collaboration are inculcated within his organizations. He recently completed his executive education on Digital Business Leadership at Columbia University; His projects have been shortlisted and featured on numerous awards and publications both in the Philippines and abroad. He also led as President for the Cebu Creative Council and the UAP-Sugbu Chapter.


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