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Roberto Rocca Innovation Building, a dynamic and productive environment

FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto

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FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto

Considering the strong technological content that the building will have to house, the design idea takes the form of a "knowledge hangar" which, like an industrial pavilion with large spans in laminated wood and exposed concrete floors, is able to adapt and flexibly welcome rapid layout changes to keep up with the latest technologies.

The building is configured as an organism with a framework in laminated wood and concrete. The building shell, characterized by the double skin glass create, a "light box" that avoid overheating and the unpleasant effects of glade inside the internal space. In addition, it guarantees the maximum contribution of natural light and visual interaction between the different indoor activities and the park. Therefore the outdoor layout and lanscape becomes a natural extension of the indoor activities.

The project combines a flexible layout with a sustainable approach thanks to the application of the most advanced environmental strategies such as the ventilated double skin façade, the application of photovoltaic panels and the use of heat pumps. Due to the new structural concept of distribution, the traditional school layout made of central corridor and perimeter classrooms is transformed in a "hangar of knowledge". A fluid and informal space that can freely accommodate the entire scientific community and their various activities.

The aim of the course is to train biomedical professional able to withstanding the rapid obsolescence of technological devices within a dynamic and productive environment.


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 Pieve Srl
 6500 mq
 Filippo Taidelli
 Techint, FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto
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 Guido Bianchi Lighting Design, Francesca De Palma Graphic Designer, Geom. Adriano Venir (consulenza facciate)
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Established in 2005 by Filippo Taidelli, FTA is a multidisciplinary architectural and design firm based in Milan.Operating both in Italy and abroad, FTA develops integrated design projects in collaboration with a team of carefully selected network of specialists. FTA has realized renovation and ground-up projects of various scale, spanning residential and commercial to office, service and mixed use spaces, exhibition and industrial design. FTA’s activity is focused on research and innovative intervention in the Urban retrofit field for existing buildings energy-requalification as well as in the Healthcare area.
FTA’s philosophy is characterized by energetically efficient consciousness and sensibility toward context and topology. The firm aims to implement a delicate balance between innovative technologies and the use of traditional materials – rendering the complexity of integrated design into its most essential creative expression.


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