Messana O’Rorke - Junegrass House captures the voice of Jackson, Mississippi
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Junegrass House captures the voice of Jackson, Mississippi

Messana O’Rorke

Villa  /  Completed
Messana O’Rorke

The Junegrass house is a structurally sound and intriguing project that captures the voice of the clients, the surrounding community, and the firm. While working on this project, Messana O'Rorke faced obstacles that they were able to overcome with their strategic design approach, their use of forms and elements, and their minimalistic palette. Working within the constraints of community design guidelines, Messana O'Rorke was commissioned to design a house that feels at one with its rugged mountain setting and respects the traditional character of the neighboring residences, all without compromising the firm's fastidious approach to space planning and form-making. To lighten the visual impact of the 5,000-square-foot residence, Messana O'Rorke broke the structure down into four volumes connected by see-through glass bridges that buoy the impression of independent pavilions arrayed in a line. Messana O'Rorke set out to accomplish many goals and ideas. One of the primary goals for the home's design was to emphasize the incredible and astounding surrounding views of the Grand Tetons and Sleeping Indian Mountain. Messana O'Rorke kept this in mind while creating and prioritized the idea that the surrounding beauty of the land could help aid them and push their creativity. The design allows unobstructed views when the 'lift and slides' are fully opened. Messana O'Rorke additionally emphasized the views by introducing a reflecting pond, and the guest suite located above the garage is sited and designed with a framed view through a set of french doors which lead to a Juliet balcony. The house is variously clad in stained cedar and stone, again accentuating the individual identities of the pavilions. In the central volume, which accommodates the living room, dining area, and kitchen, two walls feature massive pocketing glass doors that, in favorable weather, open the interior to a generous embrace of the surrounding land and views. The interiors are crisply detailed, with wide-plank French oak floors and vertical elevations of wire-brushed oak in a warm gray stain. The juxtaposition of the two interior materials works in tandem with the cedar and stone combination on the exterior to lend an alternating rhythm to the distilled composition. Neither hopelessly nostalgic nor aggressively contemporary, the house rests on the land with probity and grace, bridging the past and present life of the American West.


 United States of America
 459.87 mq
 Messana O’Rorke
 Brian Messana, Toby O’Rorke, Viktor Nassli, and Juan Espinosa
 Two Ocean Builders
 B&B Italia, Bassam Fellows, Loewen, Lucifer, Miele, Restoration Hardware, The Hudson Company, Toto, Vola
 Tuck Fauntleroy


Brian Messana graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and Columbia University. He trained under architects and worked on projects including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. He has also lectured on design and served on the faculties of several university architecture programs.
Toby O’Rorke received his Postgraduate Degree and Graduate Diploma from Oxford Polytechnic. He is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He worked with The Greater London Council and has practiced with a number of architectural firms.


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