KNS Architects - A villa in Ahmedabad, where every corner of the house formes a frame
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A villa in Ahmedabad, where every corner of the house formes a frame

KNS Architects

Villa  /  Completed
KNS Architects

In an urban zone with other villas where there was nothing to look around, a barren piece of land with no immediate views, this bungalow of about 10,000 sq.ft sits on an half an acre plot. Clean lines with an idea of a plus dictate and inspire the planning of the house. The toughness of concrete, glass and steel of this one-storey home‘s structure is adequately softened by the natural textures and colors of the verdant lushness around. While clean lines and an uncomplicated design mark the different functional spaces, the infusion of flora in open and semi-open areas gives the home a very relaxing vibe. The composition of two frames form the language of the design. The first one marks the entrance to the house, enhancing the gesture of welcoming one into their home, which is rightly the culture of people living in the city. The second highlights the enormity of the structure holding the design within. The plan followed a thought of using the axis as a medium to go forward. The east to west was kept open, with a window on either end, giving a connection from inside to the outside. A window that overlooked the landscape outside. Whereas the north and south became the access to the house along with light shafts. The four quadrants became the habitable space of the house. The center of the house is room to a slit, a slit that brings in indirect natural light into the home cutting from the harsh weather of the city. In response to the harsh climatic conditions a number of passive design principles were adopted. The entire house is intended as a flow of spaces, having modulating light and changing vistas. In the midst of straight clean lines, the staircase acts like an element, a curved element to break away from the rigidity yet compliment the design. The railing is designed with vertical wooden fins. Other areas of the house are designed using a muted color palate and earth shades to make the space feel warm. The interiors flow in a homogenous color scheme and accents of wood are introduced to add character to the space. This is continued throughout the house giving a sense of entirety. Earthy tones and warm light being a factor of chic and elegance to the house. Every corner of the house formed a frame. The coffee table with the kitchen window in the backdrop formed a perfect cozy corner for breakfast. Given that Ahmedabad is infamous for its excruciating summers, the architectural design of this house was conceptualized and allows it to become a cool haven in extreme heat.


 930 mq
 KNS Architects
 Kanhai Gandhi, Prashant Pipalia, Praful Mewada, Namrata Deshpande, Divya Sharma, Tanvi Sawle


KNS Architects is a multi-disciplinary, national & international award-winning design firm, established with objective of creating contextual, artistic & bespoke design solutions. We believe in looking at each project with a fresh new perspective,a fact that finds resonance in our belief in creating vibrant, out-of-the-box solutions that strike the right note between practicality and aesthetics; constraints and aspirations
A vision of Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Neemesh Shah and Ar. Shresht Kashyap; who came together in 1997 to set up the Design practice. Since its inception the firm has undertaken wide spectrum of projects.
In addition to projects in India, have successfully concluded projects globally as well, like the MAHEC-Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai and a few others in Singapore and the United Kingdom. We are currently designing a Private Villa in Washington, USA and Mombasa, Kenya as well as an Indian Seafood fine-dine restaurant in Milan, Italy.

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