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A residential park with nine urban villas in Cor-Ten

GBA Studio - Gianluca Brini Architetto

Villa  /  Completed
GBA Studio - Gianluca Brini Architetto

VILLAS IN CORTEN _ BOLOGNA NEWLY BUILT VILLAS IN URBAN AREAS AFTER DEMOLITION OF EXISTING BUILDINGS The proposed intervention is the second extract of a more comprehensive intervention that provided for the demolition of some existing buildings and the new construction of residential buildings, for a total of nine independent villas. The first four, built for the families of the client, as single-storey villas connected, has been finished for some time; now the last two-storey villas are in the final phase: five two-storey villas with private outdoor areas and equipped condominium area, swimming pool included. The design proposal identifies a real RESIDENTIAL PARK, considering the large areas of green equipped and widespread in which the new structures are inserted and that enhance insertion with a direct comparison. The choice to enhance the PARK, however, was decisive in identifying the volumetric solutions multi-floor, both to limit the footprint on the ground and to allow reading "from above" the park itself (beyond the hedges and fences)through the slabs that are created (including the reading to the gaze -understanding- of the whole). It is clear that in this way also the green project, and even before the soil project, can be seen and understood not only by reading the drawings ... The project is first and foremost a "landscape" one, therefore a residential landscape is designed; the aim of the project is also to achieve sustainability: environmental - economic - social and functional - perceptive - aesthetic that is as OVERALL ECOLOGY - here the residence has landscape dimension, not peripheral or suburban, but landscaped, for scale - quality - aesthetic. The ABITARE itself takes on landscape value: living even outside the walls of the house ... Here suburban living acquires definition and meaning not as a suborder of urban living but as a conscious choice resulting in the recognition of the desire for a beautiful autonomous home and inserted in a landscape ... the place where I want to live, not where outside conditions force me to live. Here then that the references of the project plant derive from the LOCAL RURAL LANDSCAPE: hedges - rows of trees - water - centuriation - low volumes - patios and courtyards - gardens - driveways and not roads - pedestrian paths - open spaces - walls and tiny walls to outline paths and "measure" and orient the open space ... Architectures, therefore, are not indifferent to the site and vice versa, in this sense it is already a landscape project, the approach is landscaping, even if on a small scale. It is not only a soil project, but it is the attitude in front of designing everything. The volumes of the buildings are simple but at the same time "powerful", the two different rectangles that best accommodate the functions of the ground floors and first, are an opportunity to generate volumes "cantilever", rotating precisely the silhouettes between them, and thus generating both a pavement on the first floor and an "open porch" on the ground floor; all the villas are without basement. The plant follows the shape of the lot and the centurial orientation, and allows you to achieve the best views. Said about the basic and typological choices - topological, the intervention in architectural terms is characterized both by the purity of the volumes and the coating material: corten steel in full-height slabs. All this, again, comes from the desire to enhance the extensiveness of the green and in making the image first and prevalent in the approach to the lot. Thanks to the intensive green, both private and in common, moreover, the "heat islands" are completely avoided. The project is then conceived as a whole with the aim of pursuing a passive energy-environmental response, trying to limit the use of active plant technology (energy gain), which will be provided for, all in order to obtain the volumetric bonus related to the requirements of excellence. Particular attention was paid to the design without architectural barriers and accessibility in a broad sense. AT THE INVITATION OF THE CLIENT, AND IN ORDER TO SHOW THE RESULTS ACHIEVED BY OUR OFFICE, IN COMPLETING LONG AND COMPLEX PROJECT PATHS OF INNOVATION AND REPLACEMENT OF EXISTING VOLUMES, THE INTERVENTION IN QUESTION IS PROPOSED IN THE CATEGORY OF BUILDINGS BUILT AFTER HAVING PRESENTED IT TO THE PUBLIC AS A PROJECT IN THE PAST YEARS.


 Valstar s.r.l.
 1050 mq
 GBa Studio Srl. - Gianluca Brini Architetto
 Arch. Gianluca Brini; Ing. Federico Cinti; Ing. Federico Montoschi; Ing. Riccardo Brini
 Valstar s.r.l.
 Progettazione architettonica: GBA Studio Srl. - Gianluca Brini Architetto; Progettazione strutture: Archistruttura srl – Ing. Andrea Brighenti; Progetto impianti meccanici e solare termico: Luppi Technology – P.I. Luppi Lorenzo; Progetto impianto elettrico e fotovoltaico: PROEL – Ing. Francesco Piergiovanni; Collaudo opere strutturali: Ing. Corrado Bonettini; Direzione Lavori: Ing. Andrea Brighenti – Archistruttura srl
 photo © 2020 by GBA Studio srl / Gianluca Brini - Architetto


Gianluca Brini has been a freelancer in single form since 1990, in 1998 he opened his own studio in Bologna, since 2005 he has been sole director of the design company GBa_studio srl gianluca brini architetto.
It operates in the area of urban and architectural design, dealing with the pure design, up to the executive detail, always aimed at the realization of the buildings through the direction of the works.
The project is always based on the "critical propositive" method, which is constantly investigated even in theory.
Over the years he consolidated his internal structure and the external network, allowing him to develop complex projects in an integrated and coordinated way, also with public clients.
It has been awarded locally and nationally, and subsequently internationally.
The twentieth anniversary of the activity in 2018, sees the foundation of GBA Lab, training and research laboratory, directed by Eng. Riccardo Brini

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