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Transforming the Qianhai area from a Shenzhen backyard to an international waterfront city

ZHUBO Design Co., Ltd.

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ZHUBO Design Co., Ltd.

1.Planning background Location: Qianhai is located at the intersection of the Pearl River Delta region and the center of the "one-hour traffic circle". It is the development area with the most comprehensive advantages in the Pearl River Delta. The Qianhai area will be transformed from a Shenzhen backyard to a waterfront city with international recognition and popularity. Planning scope: 03 Neighborhood is located in the core position of Unit 19 in Mawan District, Qianhai, with a land area of ​​6.42 hectares, of which 4.78 hectares can be developed and constructed.

2.Planning strategy Design level: Starting from the concept of anchor city, integrate and utilize the resource anchors around the neighborhood to create an integrated neighborhood: Neighborhood image integration Integration of public spaces integration of transportation underground space integration Implementation level: Under the guidance of the superior planning, the planning focuses on putting forward detailed management requirements for the subsequent deepening of the neighborhood. Cluster Modeling - Neighborhood Image Integration In the past, the International Business District scrambled to build iconic towers, leaving the city's image chaotic. Independent towers can no longer be prominent in the city, and the future urban construction model will tend to have a clear overall image of architectural groups. Make it stand out on the city skyline with landmark-centric neighborhood clusters. Multi-layer ground - public space integration Qianhai is a high-intensity development zone. The traditional public space model has a single level of walking paths, which is easy to cause mutual interference between people and vehicles, and the traffic efficiency is low. The plan is to establish a multi-level pedestrian system to realize the diversion of people and vehicles in the neighborhood and facilitate convenient passage; the multi-level ground is integrated into an integrated flow line through the sunken plaza and vertical traffic to maximize the value of public space. Fast Pass - Integrated Transportation Organization As a high-intensity development zone, Qianhai has a small block size and dense road network, which is easy to cause traffic congestion. Plan to sort out the internal traffic of the neighborhood, reduce parking entrances and exits, and set up parking and drop-off areas to achieve rapid traffic flow. Overall basement - integration of underground space Following the principle of efficient, intensive, and overall development of superior planning, it is planned to develop and build a three-story large basement closely connected to the subway station by removing substations, centralizing underground civil air defense installations, and unifying basement elevations. Save the development cost of foundation pit support, increase the basement area, and improve the efficiency of underground space use.

3.Planning Building an enclosed neighborhood group with the central green space as the core. The central square organizes the slow-moving space system in the neighborhood, and provides a green open space buffer, and combines public transportation, slow-moving system, and public open space as a network to form a three-dimensional and compact layout of the neighborhood.

4.Innovation and Features The entire project emphasizes multi-professional high cooperation, and continuously deepens the overall and detailed design of the upper-level planning, and finally implements it into a reasonable and effective guidance and control management document. Design and develop facility management documents to achieve a high degree of compounding of neighborhood building spaces, and to build a diverse and systematic urban space. It provides an opportunity for the subsequent construction of the plot to organize the space connection, so as to form an overall orderly and free-flowing urban space system.


 Shenzhen Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone Administration
 470000 mq
 Feng Guochuan
 Zhang Chunliang, Fu Zhuoheng, Li Angtai, Ouyang Dong


Founded in 1996, Zhubo Design is mainly engaged in architectural design and relevant design and consulting services ranging from architectural design to urban planning, landscape design, interior design, etc., and is committed to the comprehensive development of the industrial chain of design and architectural technologies. After more than 20 years of development, we have expanded design services including prefabricated architecture, BIM technology, green building, sponge city, intelligent building and so on.
Taking the architectural design as the core business, we increasingly expand our businesses. On the one hand, we pay more attention to the research and application of advanced technologies and are awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” and recognized as the first group of “Prefabricated building industrial base”. On the other hand, we extend our reach on urban planning, civil design, landscape design, EPC, whole-process engineering and other consulting services.



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