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Beihang University Qingdao International Science and Education New Town, a wonder for a new century

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Moore Ruble Yudell Architects and Planners

“A combination of Chinese and Western elements, echoing mountains and sea, a fusion of landscape, science, and education integration- Beihang Town, a wonder for a new century” With its proposed International Science and Education New Town in Qingdao, Beihang University is poised to launch an entirely new kind of urban center of research and innovation- a Campus-Town. The scale, scope, and vision of this new R & D world reach far into the future to create a dynamic engine of international research and regional development, building on the extraordinary master plan for Qingdao’s Blue Silicon Valley, and taking it to the next level. The physical setting of the University’s new town is equally extraordinary: a convergence of natural waterways, regional connectivity, notable topography, and coastal grandeur. The complex interplay of natural systems and dynamic geometries offer profound inspiration for planning. Our team’s interpretation of the University’s ambitious vision within these unique conditions has led to five key principles that guide our planning approach: • The mission of the University is Discovery, Translation, and Realization • The means to achieve it is a Community of Innovative Talent • The Community is nurtured by Habitation in Harmony with the Landscape • The ordering principle is The Graceful Flow of Movement • The planning method is the Braid of Natural and New Weaving or braiding the many programmatic and environmental demands into a coherent Campus-Town fabric. The Shaping Forces of Nature The greatest influence on the character of place for the Beihang Campus-Town is the grand set of its existing natural systems or forms. The Hot Spring River, the Wetland Waterway, the Hilltop, and the Coastline all combine to establish an organic geometry that shapes the development of every part of the Master Plan. We recognize that these are not static elements, but living systems that push and pull, ebb and flow, absorb and reflect. They are also habitats- with the great opportunity for research as living riparian, aquatic, and marine environments. The concept of a living laboratory can also benefit the town and campus. Our team brings deep knowledge of the relevance of healthy environments for productivity and creativity within academic and research communities, and our plan offers opportunities to test new approaches to healthy activity, nutrition, and environmental quality. The Theme of Movement Movement is both a dominant theme and a practical device of Beihang’s New Campus-Town. It is deeply embedded in the nature of the site- with its convergence of rivers, flooding wetlands, and seacoast. Equally it is a principle subject of the University’s program of research and development for transportation. In both of these respects, the new Campus-Town offers a vital opportunity for demonstration and testing of prototypes. The full spectrum of movement from pedestrian to regional rail is integrated in our proposed Master Plan. The natural flow of waterways and wetlands is a grand character-giving presence that nourishes the campus environment. Regional Scale At the regional scale the campus and town are thoroughly knitted into the larger plan of Qingdao’s Blue Silicon Valley. Regional rail stations and major highways that meet the standards form a continuous spine of transportation. Secondary and tertiary movement systems spring from this main armature, reaching into each functional area. Campus Scale Within the Beihang Campus itself, a variety of movement systems connect academic residential, dining, fitness, and cultural gathering. The central Promenade linking the campus north and south provides every system from mini-streetcars to bicycles, to Segways, spanning its 1.3 kilometers of length. Broad shaded walks link east and west, with a central Waterpark Way that stretches completely across Hot Spring River, through the Town Center and Residential village, to the Hilltop. A continuous network of smaller paths and bikeways meander through courtyards and quads to connect every building and landscape space. Building Scale This principle of movement is a driver of the conceptual design of all buildings as well. Movement is enhanced to connect people to each other and to efficiently integrate different modes of research, learning, and collaboration. By maintaining relatively few floors, programs and people are more easily interfaced, enhancing collaboration and chance interaction. Open floors at multi-level atria provide visual connectivity, which also encourages movement from floor to floor. Enhancing a Community of Innovation The grand scale of Beihang’s Qingdao Campus-Town also calls for multiple centers- and centering places. Such gathering places are essential to establish shared experience, and to reinforce the identity of Beihang across the many neighborhoods. These also operate at different scales: • The Town Centers within districts D, F, and B • The Waterfront Promenade of District A • The long green Quads of D1 and D2 • The Grand Bridge across the Wetland Waterway • The courtyards and Atria of the academic blocks • Primary Amenities for Dining and Recreation • Cafes and lounges that occur in each of the Main Buildings • The Museum, Amphitheater, and Yacht Club As the University draws on talent and leadership from China, Asia, and the world, creating a strong framework for social interaction and shared experience builds not only professional networking, but a model of a tech-centered urban community for all ages and generations. A Showcase for Research and Developing Technology In addition to Environment and Movement, Technological Development is a third important influence on our Master Plan. In keeping with the great public venues of the Communication Center and the Science Tech Museum, we recognize that the University’s Qingdao Campus-Town itself serves the core mission of demonstration.


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 moore ruble yudell Architects and Planners
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