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A residential area in Murmansk, inspired by the natural context of the Russian region

Architecture and urban development bureau "Mirproekt"

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Architecture and urban development bureau "Mirproekt"

During the concept development, we wanted to get away from the typical monotonous development of microdistricts and create a unique architecture that harmoniously fits into the environment and terrain. In search of an architectural image, we turned to the natural landscape context of the Murmansk region - we noted the beauty of mosses and lichens of the Arctic tundra on rocky slopes. Also, a coloristic analysis of the existing development on the territory was carried out and color accents were added to the neutral background of the planned development of the quarters.Inspired by northern architecture, a "Scandinavian country motif" was chosen, which was embodied in a combination of high pitched roofs and simple rectangular building shapes. In decoration of the facades, colors of the natural palette and materials in harmony with nature were used (folding sheets in decoration of facades and roofs, brick-like panels, fiber cement panels, wood-embossed panels). Predominantly mid-rise (4–8 floors) buildings with dominant towers (12 floors) located at viewing points are envisaged.Development of a well-maintained walking route that stretches through the entire area was an important part of the concept. The analysis of already formed places of attraction was carried out and a scheme was prepared to complement them.The pedestrian route connected significant social infrastructure facilities: a market, shops, cafes, clubs and sports grounds, kindergartens, and a school. It starts at the intersection of Academician Pavlov St. - Radishchev St., the buildings of the sports club, and further, through boulevards and parks, leads to the recreational zone "Valley of Comfort".The multi-height buildings planned for allocation, located on the relief, form a unique image of the territory. Surrounded by background buildings, 12-storey dominant towers are a bright accent. The terraced layout of the sites determines the visual-spatial connections and creates a feeling of variability in the perception of typical buildings. Buildings of bright colors and facades dedicated to street art help to avoid the “color hunger” in winter and are contextual successors to the historically established architectural style of the Bolnichnyi district.Within the framework of the project, an information model of the territory was developed using Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Infraworks software packages.Also, as part of the concept development, solutions were worked out for development of engineering infrastructure, and a financial and economic model was completed. -total assignments to the budget of all levels for the entire period of the project implementation is about 1 billion rubles; - organization of about 1.57 thousand new jobs in the city; - providing residents with objects of social, cultural and household facilities. The project is of great social importance for the city and the region: - resettlement of 36.22 thousand m2 of residential premises in dilapidated houses is the main result of the task set for the developers of this concept on the territory development; - implementation of the project will allow 1.48 thousand families of the city of Murmansk to find new comfortable housing; - updating the microdistrict appearance has an important psychological effect of updating the way of life; - construction of new and reconstruction of existing social infrastructure facilities should qualitatively improve living conditions in the reconstructed area. By the project it is planed to build and reconstruct the following facilities: - development and support of children's creativity center (new construction); - cultural centre (reconstruction); - a detached store and a chain of stores on the first floors of residential buildings; - farmer's market; - two cafes; - kindergarten for 120 children (new construction); - three kindergartens (for 50 places each built into new multi-storey residential buildings); - one kindergarten for 80 places (reconstruction from 56 to 120 places); - school for 960 places (reconstruction); - polyclinic (built-in attached); - sports and recreation complex (reconstruction); - swimming pool; - five sports fields. The main competitive advantages of the project: - integrated development of the territory; - application of standard projects of residential buildings in order to reduce the cost of design and construction; - absence of encumbrances on the right holder of the project in design and construction of social and cultural facilities (according to the agreement on the the territory development, this is the responsibility of the administration); - complex development itself, which allows systematically and step by step development of the territory with minimization of technological risks of construction.


 465000 mq
 Project leader: Minkov Alexander; Urban planner: Troyanovsky Vladimir; Economists: Zhabarov Ramil, Igor Pienevsky; Architects: Ivan Bryzgalov, Elena Emelyanova, Daniil Perebatov, Alexander Mikhailov, Nadezhda Yarmolyuk, Karolina Sheredko


One of the leading design institutes, which carries out all types of work on the spatial development of territories, design and information modeling of buildings, structures and infrastructure.


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