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A ''den for dragons'' travelling around the world


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Investor came to us with a challenge: how to create something different from a basement space which is always a challenge since it was lacking natural light. We have turned this to our advantage and created a ''den for dragons'' travelling around the world, so they have a space where they can refresh, recharge and exchange their experience from Slovenia and/or around the world. We have embarked on a journey with a Dragon - symbol of City of Ljubljana, where inspiration came from - Dragon‘s Dream (den). We have turned 3000,sq/ft into space that can host XYZ amount of visitors in reasonably priced accommodations where they can have their own privacy as well as walk into every room - as opposed to your usual hostel & or capsule hotel in the world - creating a one of a kind experience having visitor at the focal point of our design & business concept creation while taking costumers on a journey. Having privacy & security while travelling in hostels in rooms, as well as bathrooms seemed a major challenge to overcome as well as priority in order to make everyone feel safe & secure within it as well as their possessions, from rooms to capsules to bathrooms all individual & private. Journey starts with booking online and receiving a digital key, giving seamless experience and enhanced digitalised process with 24/7 remote reception, all designed for ease of use for visitors as well as owner/operator. We have created a real time digital twin of a hostel giving full operations via cloud to our investor - who in theory could be in America while running the hostel. Everything was designed and automated to facilitate off site operation, which was challenge number two in our case and as one of pioneers in design & build of smart/autonomous spaces took on a challenge with absolute pleasure. We have designed experience for a guests physically & digitally, setting a bar higher for the rest of the world and showing what is possible, all the while drastically improving energy efficiency thorough design of mechanical & electrical, as well smart IoT devices to achieve full automatization and comfort for our visitors and bringing OPEX down to a minimum. Sensors detect and react according to occupation in order to drive actuators and devices based on occupancy, if vacant it goes to hibernation mode, saving unnecessary costs and cutting down CO2 and following ESG / green goodies. We at CAMAC Group firmly believe that without fully Smart buildings can not achieve NetZERO, which fuels us to create immersive experiences for communities! Whole process of concept, design, story, experience, execution to acquiring necessary permits was conducted by CAMAC Group, complex projects are where we thrive and with our holistic approach deliver great projects. Storytelling as well as Artist from Argentina who has painted pictures specifically and uniquely for this project just adds a bit on top of how far we go to close the circle with our holistic approach. Our team has great international experience from the most exciting markets such as London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Ljubljana & Zagreb, which is also what makes us unique. Visitors descends from Dunajska cesta into our den through set of stairs, where they are welcomed in the area where Dragons share their stories, do some work or purely chill out, further down the corridor is where they can take a shower before they descent into the quietest and darkest area - sleeping area where capsules are kept for dragons to re-charge. From technical point of view our team has completed everything from demolition works, partitions, joinery, electrical and mechanical installations, to artwork.


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 CAMAC Space d.o.o.
 CAMAC Space d.o.o.
 CAMAC Space d.o.o.


Camac Space was founded in 2019 by David Oštir, Andrej Fabiani and Manja Križnik in Ljubljana. Their office uses Design and Build approach to create smart and sustainable workplaces that enhance user experience, connect employees, and inspire innovation.
Their London branch ensures they implement the best and newest practices in their work. They are focused on future of work and always choose holistic approach when designing. When planning workplace, users are always at the forefront. For best possible environment for employees, they have two in-house WELL APs. WELL is the only building standard that focuses on health and wellbeing of the building users, not just the building itself. They make sure workplace promotes health and wellbeing, which further improves user experience.
CAMAC offers bespoke solutions; therefore, every office is unique and adjusted to maximally support each user. They ensure workplace is agile and can be customized according to company’s workflow.


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