Emma/Luis - Yangtze Opus Wuhan Art Museum gives space to independent thinking and poetry
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Yangtze Opus Wuhan Art Museum gives space to independent thinking and poetry


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Wuhan today, compared with other international cities still have a unique charm, tolerance, freedom, rivers and lakes, compatibility and other words, may not be able to fully explain the city everything. In the Long River of history, we must learn to find harmony between the past and the present. Wuhan three towns belong to the ancient memory and cultural heritage, scattered in the city of Wuhan in every corner and space-time gaps. Lifen is to Wuhan what Hutong is to Beijing, a cultural marker that the city can not tear itself away from. It tells of Tsunetami’s life, the people of mixed Chinese and Western blood, and the people of brick and tile alleys who thrive and move through it, reading is the mutual achievements of architecture and life Jiangxia script.Generations of people, a city, individuals and groups, the East and the West, with the help of the frozen art form, in the architecture and space to let the memory of time back, extension, rebirth, new, set up a contemporary spiritual landmark. Wandering the space, the seeker in the passage of time to feel the rebirth of the old dream, is his voice, is also the rebirth here. In the space of Patchwork, there is a feeling in every corner. Maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s the presence of things. Designers follow the spirit of space and magnanimity, with the help of color and shape in soft design, to give space independent thinking and poetry. Wuhan’s unique geographical location, so that it has a close relationship with the Yangtze River. To some extent, it is because of the incomparable power of water that Wuhan has the infinite possibility of containing the other. The art installation in the sand table area reinterprets our longing for the future with the gesture of flowing water. Long axis of the base, painted through the space of the empty corridor, lapped around the scale of a body into two or three up, frame scattered re-reorganization of the “Vertical village.”. The gallery on the first floor serves as an emotional context for the gathering of people, symbolizing the “Street”of Li Fen. It is not only for large-scale installations or artistic performances, but also for visitors to travel and participate in different exhibition areas. From a modern point of view, the designer disassembles the symmetrical format of the traditional courtyard and disarranges it. The slices of the vault, the Bell Tower and the balcony are also simplified into the advancing and retreating surfaces and openings of the geometric volume. The structure seems to be random overlapping, creating an unstable interest, but it also shows the street scenes which are constantly evolving and extending to accommodate life. The energy of evolution comes from the living city. This speed of Heterogeneity is not about order, it’s the years that go on and on. The Echo of history, in the form of avant-garde art to performance, is a feeling is also a trend. The call for the memory of the Times is the call for the subjectivity of the individual in the history. Modern Art does not have to be complicated, space does not have to direct, in the flow of no fixed rules to find the answer. Because it inherits the history, therefore doomed to ponder deeply. Taking into account the relationship between tradition and modernity, in the display of space, the pursuit of a true and elegant taste. Echoing the colors in the space-time memory, the objects are selected from the ancient and simple folk houses in Wuhan, which is also a reflection on the humanities. Is Space Visible or audible? Can memory flow freely all the time? Is The music lets a kind of poetry, lets a kind of feeling cross the time and space to walk wantonly. Because of people and wonderful, because of memory and grand. A vintage vinyl record player filled with fond memories. The fragmented units in the device, which can change with human dynamics, act as a mirror constantly reflecting the current fragmentation. And History, too, is made up of moments like this, showing images of the past while also making people think about the present. Families in rive have a special relationship that is half independent and half connected. Beautiful and artistic spaces are not defined by their materialistic nature. But because of a sense of security, a sense of belonging and a good feeling and great. Live in it, feel the warm wrap feeling that the color brings, can appreciate the attachment of the emotion more. The stairs connect the vertical neighborhoods and break into different sections, the lanes are scattered and turned into a three-dimensional network, enabling people to climb up the stairs and walk along the platform corridor to find the next bridge, enhancing the mood of the shuttle space, the viewer is able to experience the journey from place to place, and is in no hurry to get lost. Building streets, bridges and patios overlap to form a convergence point, but also for the building to increase the flow of up and down the action of the vein.


 1340 mq
 1,000-degree vision, Wu Jianquan


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