Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai - Thankusir Neverland, a restaurant with the atmoshpere of an art museum
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Thankusir Neverland, a restaurant with the atmoshpere of an art museum

Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Renovation  /  Completed
Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Thankusir·Neverland, formerly an abandoned auto repair shop. After a series of repairs, connections, excavations, overturns, and reconstructions, Thankusir·restaurant, hidden in a quiet corner of the downtown area, was unveiled to the public in a shape of square box. Lies in the courtyard, the elegant gray walls of concrete are mottled but undecayed. The restaurant quietly creates an emotional bond with the space via food. With distinctive personality and creative ideas in commercial design, the designers continue exploring the infinite possibilities of commercial space and interactive experience. Therefore, when facing a space with a sense of time, the designers always think of two things at first: respecting the original temperament of the space and preserving the beauty of the space, which has been polished by time. “The aesthetic feeling can not be artificially sculpted in a short time, even with the most luxurious materials. ” said the designers. For the huge area, high cost in the transformation of hidden works and supporting hardware facilities. How to create distinctive artistic space within use the decoration budget became the key of the project. Jingle Design decided to “take advantage of the beauty of the building itself”, receiving an unexpected surprise. After the renovation of the building, most of the walls were removed. Skylights of different sizes were opened on the roof. Sunlight poured into the interior, allowing the building returned to its square framework and fresh appearance. And the style of the century-old mosque compound was introduced into the restaurant landscape. All the wall windows facing the residential building on the South side were canceled, and skylights were used to avoid the problem of disturbing the residents. The triangular beam in the Chinese character “人” shape is arranged in a sequence, showing the tall and open pattern of the architectural space. Open the skylight and do not make any modifications to the exposed concrete wall section, so that this style collides and contrasts with the natural texture of the original wooden table and chair. The space is interspersed with large broadleaf vegetation. When the warm sunshine comes in, suddenly the tropical scenery of Malaysia comes into view, then the holiday mode and dinner party scene is about to start. The Glass Patio leads from the roof to the underground bar. Through the design of sense of sequence, the three floors are linked together, and the sunshine from the roof is directly introduced into the ground floor area and basement, so that the dull basement space has more visual and emotional connections with the outside world. Designers hope to give the space an atmosphere of an art museum. Ceramics in glass patio are partners of food. The presence of gentle and noiseless is an expression of artistic charm. Designers pay more attention to natural properties in selecting materials, which can deliver stories with the space. Various materials produce silent power and harmonious poetic, demonstrating beauty that can not be carved by hand in a short period of time.


 2000 mq
 Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai


“In the process of commercial design, designers should not only complete the aesthetics and functions of the space, but also participate in the planning of the whole commercial industry,” said the designer. After the transformation, the space is independent and interoperable, allowing people walk to other space from any way. The motion trend design makes the whole project experience more complete and business operation more economical and efficient.
Empowering liveness into the commercial space, the core of the designers, also the front line strategy of this project. “ As the director of the spatial experience, after renovation and design, we build the space into one of visual artistic and interactive experience while following the commercial procedures. The project has a soul when we transform the space into the way we want it to be.” Said the designers. Innovation and experience continue the story of this project.


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