architetto dr. Christian Kapeller - Hotel Ladurner, a building made of wood: larch outside, pine inside
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Hotel Ladurner, a building made of wood: larch outside, pine inside

architetto dr. Christian Kapeller

Renovation  /  Completed
architetto dr. Christian Kapeller

Construction of 8 guest rooms + qualitative extension of the restaurant including 2 staff rooms The current building has 3 floors with a private apartment, restaurant and 4 rooms for private renting. In the course of an upcoming renovation regarding heating, roof, building shell, etc., the consideration was made. To increase the roof in the area of ​​the possible cubature and to build 8 new guest rooms. At the same time, the dining room is also to be expanded. There will also be space for 2 staff rooms in the slightly elevated attic The first basement and ground floor remain in the area of ​​the existing terrace, with the exception of the expansion of the dining room. 2. The 1st attic floor is completely redesigned. 4 rooms with bathroom and balcony on the south side and 4 rooms with bathroom and balcony on the mountain side. 3. Access is via a single flight of stairs on the east facade 4. The shape of the building is preserved and provided with a gabled roof. The roof is slightly offset and has a break along the gable. The raised east wing, which is visible from the street, is slightly higher than the west wing. The east wing is designed as an uninterrupted roof area. On the other hand, a small roof terrace is planned for the west wing, which cannot be seen from the outside, which is the only possible open space for the guests. The staff rooms are also aligned on this area, but they can also use part of the small roof terrace for themselves, separately from the guests. The roof terrace and staff rooms cannot be seen from the street. As a design element of the facade, the two roof surfaces are optically geogen on the east and west facades above the 1st floor and clad with wood. Only irregular openings are provided in these lateral wooden surfaces. The south facade is only equipped with irregular standing beams 5. The shape of the gable roof, solid wood truss gables and the generous glass areas behind allow the building to continue to fit well in its natural surroundings. Nevertheless, contemporary details and interpretations of the house as a modern building. 6. A roof terrace is also provided in a roof cut-out, in order to allow the guests of the restaurant and the private rooms to rest or die separately. to offer seats The concept follows a strong material and color concept: all outside wood is larch, inside pine wood. The colors are white and light brown.


 Restaurant Ladurner
 800 mq
 Arch. Christian Kapeller
 Arch. Christian Kapeller
 Rene Riller


Geb. 1971 in Schlanders
Studium Architektur in Innsbruck 1990-1998
Büro in Schlanders seit 2001
Contract World 2008
Preis für energieeffiziente Altbausanierung 2010
BigSee 2022
1. Preis Kindergarten Schlanders
2. Preis Gemeindehaus Stilfs
3. Preis Wohnbauzone Burgstall
150 Projects in south tyrol

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