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Bodmin Jail Hotel and Visitor Attraction, an immersive multi-sensory experience

Twelve Architects and Masterplanners

Renovation  /  Completed
Twelve Architects and Masterplanners

Grade II listed Bodmin Jail, on the edge of Bodmin moor in Cornwall was originally built in 1779 as part of the Prison Reform by military engineer Sir John Call. The building was a milestone in prison design, inspired by prison reformer John Howard. The £50 million development converts the jail from an enigmatic ruin, to create a unique and luxurious 70 room boutique hotel and a state-of-the-art visitor attraction that accommodates 200,000 visitors annually. The design retains and enhances the unique atmosphere and sense of history of Bodmin Jail. There is a clear delineation between new interventions and the historic fabric. The once derelict cell blocks have been transformed to house the hotel accommodation and part of the visitor attraction. The ‘Dark Walk’ building is an exciting new build stone gabion clad experience which sets the scene for visitors to relive the Jail’s vivid stories. The Administration building has been completely refurbished to provide a beautiful restaurant in what was once the Jail’s chapel. It also accommodates the cocktail bar, gym and café. Our design philosophy for the hotel creates a series of diverse spaces aimed at heightening the unique qualities of the building while creating an immersive experience. This multi-sensory experience begins as guests approach the building and witness the dramatic view of the jail tower together with the new skylights. Once inside the historic perimeter walls the first sense of containment is felt. Visitors are greeted at the lobby with the naturally lit atrium, reinstated walkways and views of the iconic tower through the skylight. Each guestroom is created from 3 cells. Two cells form the bedroom and one cell the bathroom. The rooms are designed to retain a suggestion of the original cell layout with the opening between cells clearly expressed, window sizes and existing bars are retained. Luxurious soft furnishings and comfortable spaces ensure guests have made the leap conclusively from historic jail to high end hotel. The scheme has saved an important historic building and given it a sustainable future. It has created substantial employment and a new tourist destination for Bodmin, Cornwall and the UK. The project has received national and international plaudits and has been published globally. We are immensely proud of our achievement and believe it merits recognition with a prestigious award with ‘The Plan’.


 7500 mq
 Twelve Architects & Masterplanners
 Twelve Architects & Masterplanners- Interior Designer Sarner- Attraction Designer Arup- Structural and civil engineers; MEP engineers; transport; ecology. Astute- Fire engineers
 C-Field Construction
 TPI- Project manager and cost manager Assent- Approved Inspector Cotswold Archaeology- Archaeology
 Twelve Architects; Bodmin Jail; Jack Hobhouse


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