Liebel/Architekten BDA - Catholic Community Centre, built centuries apart but forming a well-matched ensemble
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Catholic Community Centre, built centuries apart but forming a well-matched ensemble

Liebel/Architekten BDA

Public Space  /  Completed
Liebel/Architekten BDA

The distinctive Baroque church stands at the heart of three Catholic parishes but was – until recently at least – located some distance from its community centre. Now, the two buildings sit side by side. Constructed some three centuries apart, they form a well-matched ensemble, the new community centre offering a window onto the church opposite. The newbuild provides a clever response to a tricky site wedged between road, railway line and car park. Ancillary rooms are positioned to conceal the railway from the foyer and the events hall, both of which have generous openings onto the atrium and can be extended outside when more space is required. A quarter of the almost square structure is given over to the courtyard: a large reception and events space enclosed by a slatted timber facade that turns its back on the road and car park and provides a visual link between interior and exterior. The transparency of the cladding structure varies according to orientation and, like the skylight in the hall, creates an attractive play of light and shadow. Chair storage and IT/media services are hidden behind wall panelling that frames a deep window reveal and inviting window seat. The material concept used inside is simple, high quality and sustainable with floors, windows, doors and all interior fittings in oak. More compact than its predecessor, the newbuild also promises a considerably longer useful life thanks to its combination of multi-functionality and rental space.


 Katholische Kirchengemeinde Flochberg/Schloßberg/Trochtelfingen
 433 mq
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Brigida González


Liebel/Architekten BDA was founded in 2000 by Bernd Liebel. It’s based in Aalen, Germany.
One main focus is on the sustainable design of buildings. The projects of Liebel/Architekten has received numerous, international architecture and sustainable architecture awards.
A total of 25 architects working on projects in these areas: residential, commercial, educational, care and office


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