3TI PROGETTI - Sacra Famiglia Church, the result of research inspired by the history of the site
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Sacra Famiglia Church, the result of research inspired by the history of the site


Public Space  /  Completed

3TI PROGETTI designed the new church of the Holy Family in Cassino, commissioned by the Diocesi di Sora Cassino Aquino Pontecorvo, which become a landmark for the worshippers of the area. The concept design embodies an aggregation of volumes around the main building of the church. Each part is recognizable among the others and it’s easy to guess its function. The complex structure is studied to welcome the believers and to address them towards the place where the liturgical action takes place. Because of this, the church yard is connected to via Garigliano through a wide access ramp. The complex is delimited by the courtrooms; the hall and the priest’s house on the North side and the East side become a wall protecting the yard and the inner places. The liturgical hall characterizes the whole complex architecture, placed on the South side at 1,30 meters above the ground level. The curve featuring the roof is an original element marking out the complex and the town. The idea of the shapes that define the building is the result of research that is inspired to the history of the environment in which it is settled. The modern configuration of Cassino is a consequence of the reconstruction following the bombing during the second World War and of which the Abbey of Montecassino is a symbol. These conditions determine the definition of the new complex with simple shapes and volumes easily related to the holy function. The architecture of the church looks very contemporary to worshippers. The different buildings are defined by clean lines and simple surfaces. The aesthetic of the facades is generated by an alternation of volumes and vertical planes covered with different materials and marked by glass surfaces. In some points, the walls are interrupted by glazed "cuts" that allow the view of certain interior views such as, for example, the one of the Fountain and for the Chapel. The choice of external cladding was also made with the aim of creating an image of simple and immediate identification. For this purpose, as few materials as possible were used, where the color white predominates, recalling the image of the Abbey of Montecassino and the war memorials on the surrounding hills. 3TI PROGETTI was in charge of Preliminary Design, Final Design and Detailed Design, Health & Safety Management, Works Supervision, Project Management, Support during tender process, Assistance in obtaining CEI financing (I -II).


 Diocesi di Sora Cassino Aquino Pontecorvo (Diocesi di Montecassino)
 1920 mq
 Technical Director Eng. Alfredo Ingletti / Works Supervision Eng. Giovanni Maria Cepparotti


3TI PROGETTI is the Italian largest independent fully employee-owned engineering company, ranked in the ENR TOP 225 international design firms since 2015, offering consulting services for the last 25 years in planning, design, project & construction management of transport (airports, railways, ports, metros, roads) and social infrastructures (complex buildings such as hospitals, schools, cultural buildings), with particular attention to environmental aspects.
3TI PROGETTI has carried out over 2500 projects around the world and has positioned itself in the global market as a leading architecture and engineering consulting firm.
Being among the first companies which took the path of designing in BIM, 3TI PROGETTI obtained in 2018 the BIM certification for architectural, structural design activities, for installations and infrastructures for civil works issued by ICMQ.
With headquarters in Rome, we are a global player operating in more than 30 countries.



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