architetto dr. Christian Kapeller - Schuster Bakery, a clear, minimalistic, elegant structure
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Schuster Bakery, a clear, minimalistic, elegant structure

architetto dr. Christian Kapeller

Production  /  Completed
architetto dr. Christian Kapeller

Bakery Schuster The Schuster bakery has been reaching the limits of its spatial capacity in the production area for some time. Since production is to remain in Laatsch in any case, no expansion has been considered in recent years. The required premises are divided into 3 units. - Production and picking - Delivery and storage and personnel area - office space POSITION: Laatsch is located in the municipality of Mals in the upper Vinschgau with 600 inhabitants in the immediate vicinity of the Swiss border. The parcel lies in a north-south direction between the Adige and the mountain slope. The hall is therefore planned with a size of 20x63m in this direction on the plot boundary to the west (mountain slope). Due to the difference in terrain to the parking lot below, the hall has a partial basement (at the level of this parking lot). Storage and technical rooms as well as the staff rooms are located here. In front of it, there will be dedicated parking facilities for the staff. The office building is located on the southeast corner of the hall. LAYOUT: The hall is to be designed as a precast concrete construction with a flat roof. Rectangular domes are used for exposure but are hidden behind the attic wall. The slope to the south is to be designed for future photovoltaic systems. The façade is designed with square windows or niches in 3 different sizes. Views of the surrounding breathtaking nature between the Etsch, meadows and mountains are specifically chosen. All windows are framed in dark brown metal. The surface of the entire concrete building has been smoothed in off-white with materials typical of the area. All in all, a clear, minimalistic, elegant structure was created, which on the one hand should not have an industrial character on the other but should not appear artificially playful either. Proportion and integration into the existing small structures were meticulously worked out. A metaphor can only be used for the construction of the office building. The design and shape of this wood and glass building is vaguely reminiscent of a bread stand. Inside, there shouldn't be an office character, but rather a living room character with a large conference table with shelves for bread and pastries. The complete architecture is only in 2 or 3 colors: Grey of the concrete, lightbrown for facede and wooden paarts, and dark brown for metal parts.This strong color conceps follows all details.


 Malles Venosta
 Schuster Bakery
 1200 mq
 Arch. Christian Kapeller
 Arch. Christian Kapeller
 Rene Riller


Geb. 1971 in Schlanders
Studium Architektur in Innsbruck 1990-1998
Büro in Schlanders seit 2001
Contract World 2008
Preis für energieeffiziente Altbausanierung 2010
BigSee 2022
1. Preis Kindergarten Schlanders
2. Preis Gemeindehaus Stilfs
3. Preis Wohnbauzone Burgstall


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