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S2C Tower: a wooden ship in a glass bottle

GaS Studio

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GaS Studio
"A wooden ship in a glass bottle" with a special message inside: respect and attention for the future of our planet.
A faceted glass envelope over a wooden structure entirely visible from the outside. The result is an iconic and recognisable architectural object, unique in its geometry and construction philosophy.
This will be the new headquarters of S2C SPA, an Insurance Company specialised in the Bonds sector, and located in Via Pirelli, the very heart of the Milan business district. Its distinctive feature is the use of the "Mass Timber" construction methodology and it will be the first in Italy with these characteristics.
The building, 42 m high, consists of 8 floors above ground and two underground levels. Designed as a traditional beam / column structure, the "skeleton" of the tower is made up of three elements: core, columns and floors. The core houses the services, technical rooms, vertical distribution systems, and is a monolithic element within the composition, designed to withstand lateral forces such as wind and seismic activity.
The interior spaces are composed of several levels. The ground floor with mezzanine, houses informal bleachers, co-working spaces and small meeting rooms. Floors one to sixth are intended for the company's operative workstations and offices, while on the top floor we find the Boardroom, from which it will be possible, via an internal staircase, to reach the rooftop solarium with a spectacular view of the skyline. Levels -2 and -1 will be used respectively for storage and technical rooms.
The mechanical characteristics that were adopted, such as photovoltaic cells, geothermal systems that use groundwater for heat exchange, collection of rainwater, high efficiency mechanical units and automatic management of all systems thru BMS are all intended to minimise energy consumption.
The new S2C Insurance Company Headquarters is one of the first structures in Italy to simultaneously pursue a LEED Platinum level, WELL Platinum level and WiredScore Gold level certifications, three prestigious certifications that testify, in different ways, to the observance of all those fundamental criteria for the construction of a building with high living comfort and low impact on the planet.
This office tower is an elegant multifaceted prism and represents a significant example of sustainable construction, built in compliance with all environmental parameters that guarantee the highest construction standards.


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 GaS Studio
 GaS Studio
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GaS Studio studio was established in 1997 by Andre Straja and Jim Goring.
With offices in Milan, Rome, Lugano, Sonoma and San Francisco. Company activity ranges from architecture to interior design, providing integrated solutions to national and international clients.
It is worth noting that GaS Studio is a very diversified design office and has a proven ability to design and build hotels, logistics, wineries, multiplex theatres, office buildings, Interiors, student housing, educational facilities, residential buildings, places of worship and a variety of retail typologies spanning from the renovation of shopping centres to individual stores for multinational brands
Managed in Italy by André Straja, Giacomo Sicuro and Lenka Lodo, through the years the group has developed an impressive client list.
Several recently completed projects stand out for the awards and publications obtained in Italy and abroad as well as for top certifications in terms of sustainability and energy saving

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