Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD - Promotion Center of High-Tech Park in Shenzhen
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Promotion Center of High-Tech Park in Shenzhen

Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

Office&Business  /  Completed
Yunchao Xu/Atelier Apeiron/SZAD

This project is not a typical case of design following the task book. What is special about it is that during the design process, through continuous communication and interaction with the owner, we changed the client's original idea and task book. In the end, we helped our client redefine the function of the building, and successfully established a product promotion center facing the future for a 130-hectare high-tech park. Baoding is located on the edge of the Xiong'an New District, where is becoming a new central area for economic and industrial development in North China. However, the reality contradicting the government's ambition is that the construction of new industrial parks means that the urbanization of suburban land needs to retain and attract more talents and enterprises. Especially in the initial stage of all emerging industrial parks, it is very difficult to attract investment and promote products to the market. At beginning, we were commissioned to design an exhibition center for the high-tech park in Baoding. As the design developed, however, we re-evaluated the commission – instead of designing a single-function building, we proposed a Product Promotion and Business Center with flexible modular units that can accommodate the ever-changing needs in the future. The Promotion Center layouts are rectangular in the perimeter and round in the center to maximize the use of interior space and integrate public and private domain in an intricate way. The first and second levels provide open exhibition space for different uses. Another exhibition space with 360 degree ring-shaped, lifting peacefully 9 meters above ground, provides maximum flexibility for a wide range of product exhibition, as well as panoramic viewing platform for tourists and the local. This project also plays various important roles as the campus evolves. As the campus in its initial period, the center functions as an urban planning exhibition pavilion and an investment platform for different enterprises. In the near future, it will become exhibiting venue for the settled enterprises, product showroom, press conferences hall, and civic cultural center that amalgamating with the park around. As the first building ever built in the high-tech park, the Future Promotion Center expresses unique form to the investors and users with welcoming gesture. The lifting open exhibition space, the round corners, and the shiny metal skin – all harmonizing with its surrounding urban context and making itself an outstanding sculpture within the campus. As night falls, another delightful feature presents: a dynamic light show unfolding on its 8 meters floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall, marking the pavilion not only a functional exhibiting venue but also an unexpectedly important piece itself in the high-tech park.


 Shenzhen Baoding Investment Development Co., Ltd.
 14900 mq
 Yunchao Xu
 Jiachuan Qi, Yongxiang Fu, Hongrui Liu, Kan Gao, Jianxuan Chen, Shengjie Zhang


ATELIER APEIRON was founded by Yunchao Xu in Shenzhen of China, which is a creative and adventurous team of researchers, explorers and architects across different disciplines to practice urban design, landscape design, architectural design, and interior design. We use the ancient word APEIRON as our design philosophy and methodology, which leads us to the endless thinking, research and practice towards the origin of architecture. We take each project as an adventure on social operation rules, a re-link to the nature, and a reveal to the human life. We have accomplished a series of beautiful and innovative works in many cities of China, and all of them are running well, profoundly impacting and improving everyday life on the site. We think about our role and what we leave behind. With our feet on the ground and an open view to a sustainable future.


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