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Puy Du Fou Shanghai Office: an artistic expression of cultural confidence


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Puy Du Fou Shanghai Office Design inspiration: Since its creation, La Cinéscénie has always been the night show with the largest size in the world (14,000 pcs). It is the origin of whole Puy du Fou Park, and has a history of 42 years since its birth. Moreover, it is also an artistic expression of cultural confidence and patriotism education. At the end of each night show, the blue, white and red national flags appear in the fireworks and water curtains, leading to an emotional peak of French on site. The blue, white and red representing the French flag are presented at the end of the show, with corresponding meaning of freedom, equality and fraternity. We take the most confident climax of La Cinéscénie in French’s hearts as an element in our design concept. Finally, in the overall spatial arrangement, we divided the plan into three sections, and define the moving line and functional zoning with blue, white and red as the main style. Design highlights: In terms of color, we strictly control the degree and texture of color used in each space, enabling the color applied on the frames partitioning glass to work in concert with the proportion of color used in each space. In terms of materials, instead of those at high cost or with strong role of decoration, we select the most common materials. We focus more on the higher office efficiency by virtue of the pleasant comfort created by a space. We take into account the proportional architecture of the entire space and its interactive relationship with human on the basis of functional requirements. Therefore, we’re expected to create an office scenario integrating the friendly, pleasant, environmentally-friendly, efficient and effective, and other characteristics. It is just like the noble spirit of Puy du Fou, which lies in the vigor of style rather than the appearance, that is, a kind of makings pursued in our spiritual philosophy. In terms of layout, the project is located in a high-end office building in the center of Shanghai,which with a good view from the window,the office occupies half of the building , with floor-to-ceiling windows on the periphery, independent offices around it, and glass partitions on both sides of the aisle, so that all areas can feel natural light. At the same time, the area with the best landscape is designed as a staff pantry, so that employees can relax and take a nap here, so as to work more efficiently.




Li Nan graduated from Chelsea College University of the Arts London majoring in "Interior and Space Design" and getting a master's degree. She is a Senior Interior Designer of China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA) .
Years of overseas study and work experience have enabled different schools and styles of design concepts to integrate and sublimate in she’s pursuit of art and excellence. Advanced design concepts and geometric aesthetics in the West and refined Confucian and elegant culture in the East are integrated and mutually complementary, so that tradition and innovation, science and aesthetics, fashion and the eternal achieved perfect ommunication, bursting out excellent ideas and fulfilling customers' entrustment. The most reasonable and scientific scheme are presented to the customers through the collision of ideas and repeated deliberations, so that each project is the desired, and the distinguished customers can enjoy the frontier design around the world.

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