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La Cadiere Garden City, connecting architectural and green space

La Cadiere

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La Cadiere

Overview LA CADIERE GARDEN CITY International Resort Center located at the core of the Tianfu New District. A 40 hectares construction area is bound by South of Wuhan Road, East of Jim Zhou Road, West of Tianfu Avenue, and north of Hangzhou Road. The total Planning area for the program is 200 hectares. This program is focused on building a world top class garden city with diverse types of architectural spaces. The towers range from 100 to 250 meters, combined with the neoclassical and modern facade redefine the new skyline. The whole program also includes a 12 hectares lake park, 11 hectares mountain park and 28 hectares green landscape area. The project is also composed of multiple modern landscaping themes such as green garden style, modern holiday style and rich overlapping landscape style. More than 200 different kinds of plants are placed and the colorful garden constantly changes with the seasons, emphasizing the mental vacation living environment of the garden city. As the new international city in high development speed, it needs a prototype center of entertainment, culture and art as well as working space to fit the new lifestyle. The project is expected to bring in elites with high incomes and give them a new international lifestyle. Challenge Nowadays, the convergence of city images is becoming more and more serious during the process of development and urbanization. The urban architecture cannot even feel its existence and monumental value, and moreover the public green space is also becoming gradually inaccessible. Therefore, how to balance the combination and connection of the architectural space and the green space, at the same time to evoke senses, and create a harmonious, inspiring and meaningful urban environment where people can live, work and entertain become the main design issues and also the ultimate goal in this project. Public spaces like hotels, international conference centers need an open environment; while residential architecture like CEO Mansion focus on quality life, independent and private atmosphere. Hence how to conduct the layout of the project and roll out a landscape design of combining organically this two contrasting, complementary spaces, is the key point in general planning and landscape design that the designer needs to carefully consider. Lakeside Park The lakeside park is composed of multiple characteristic landscape elements such as a lakeside square, a dock, a stream area, a characteristic landscape bridge, a waterfall, a forest terrace, a rocky landscape, and a wetland area. Hyatt Hotel Hyatt Hotel is placed itself as a five-star city resort hotel, including double-height lobby, conference and banquet center, fitness and SPA center, coffee shop, all-day hotel restaurant, special restaurant and other many functions and spaces. The hotel will have more than 340 rooms. LA CADIERE CENTER The design strategy of the LA CADIERE CENTER follows the rule of the continuity of site and lake area. The buildings are organized in a staggered way along the spine of the folded landscape, forming a seamless connection between the lake area and the landscape. The visual focus falls on the sculptural International Conference Center and 3 towers, including Andaz Hotel and CEO Mansion, while small spaces with privacy are scattered around. Lakeside view commercial street The idea of Commercial street represents new applications of the classical architectural style. Traditional architectural elements such as clock tower, arcade, red tiles and so on match well with its modernist façade. It will become the most fashionable new landmark for leisure. The lakeside commercial street is built by the lakeside, with coffee shops, specialty restaurants, wine and cigar shops, tea rooms, children's play spaces, cultural and art centers, gyms and many other types. The design creates a unique experience for each customer. Sustainability 1. The use of ceramic plate on facade: environmental protection, renewable; 2. The use of three-layer laminated vacuum glass: energy saving and environmental protection; 3. Water and heat circulation: adopt water-saving sanitary ware, with not less than 80% reaching water-efficiency grade level 1, and with remaining sanitary ware rated above level 2; 4. HVAC innovation measures: ①Utilizing high-efficiency water chiller, the energy efficiency ratio of the unit is 6% higher than that specified in the China Design Standard for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings (GB50189-2015); using high-efficiency and low-nitrogen combustion-type equipment for hot water boiler, the efficiency of the unit is 2% higher than that specified in the China Design Standard for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings (GB50189-2015), and the low-nitrogen combustion technology reduces the impact on the environment; ②Terminal all-air unit is designed according to fresh air volume of not less than 75% of the air supply volume, taking into account the facade while minimizing the operation energy consumption, making full use of the natural cooling capacity in the transitional season; ③A primary pump variable-flow system is used in the air conditioning water system of the hotel to reduce the transmission energy consumption of the whole water system; ④CO2 concentration monitoring system is installed in densely populated areas to raise an alarm if indoor pollutants exceed standards, and it is linked with the air conditioning fresh air system to save energy and meanwhile to ensure the indoor environment; ⑤The underground garage is equipped with a CO concentration alarm system, which is linked with the basement exhaust equipment.


 La Cadiere
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Since its foundation in 2008, La Cadiere Group, as a unique high-end urban property operator in China, has been committed to building models of high-end properties, urban commercial estates, cultural and art facilities, star-rated hotels and life services in world-class ideal cities. In 2016, in line with the brand mission to "Create a City for You", La Cadiere embarking on the journey of creating "Garden City in the Inspiration World" at the portal of Tianfu New Area. In 2021, from Garden City to La Cadiere Lake City, La Cadiere built another city. It has set an example in the global lake site era at the core of the Tianfu Yixin Lake. The plan for LA CADIER LAKE CITY covers lake city business forms such as two hotels in one city, a lakeside art center, three retail sections and a modern office, with an aim to build a lakeside commercial destination and urban culture & art new landmark with global influence.

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