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CaminUp, a futuristic and green architecture

3ndy Studio

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CaminUp is a building for mixed use, commercial, office and residential, which develops along Via Vigonovese in Camin, a very large Paduan district that has 40,000 inhabitants and which houses the major production facilities and the main commercial infrastructures of Padua. The building develops with an East-West orientation parallel to via Vigonovese and consists of a total of twelve units: three commercial, three office buildings and six residences. The building has 3 floors above ground. On the first floor, there are the office units and two residences, while the second floor is entirely dedicated to four apartments. On the ground floor there are the commercial premises arranged on a slightly raised paved square which, through a system of ramps and steps, connects with the public sidewalk and the space in front of the Post Office. On the rear front, along via Pilo, there are the covered garages for the apartments on the upper floors. The building to the east is located on the property border, connecting to the post office building. From the compositional point of view, the project architecture is distinguished by the broken lines of the perimeter walls that characterize the facade visible from via Vigonovese, the same trend is also recalled by the parapets composed of metal lamellas, which develop along the large terraces and that modify the visual perception of the inside of the building according to the point from which you look at it. "The general harmonic element of a composition can therefore consist of some complexes pushed up to the maximum degree of contrast. These contrasts can even have a disharmonious character, and yet, if used appropriately, they will affect not negatively but positively on the overall harmony and will raise the work to the highest harmonic level "(Vassilij Kandinskij) The project expresses the desire to break with the past and with the architecture that surrounds it. Taken individually, the broken line of each floor seems a precarious and antithetical element, however if the broken lines of all the floors are combined and observed on the facade, in their three-dimensional dimension, the effect is truly pleasant and harmonious. The result is a dynamic and futuristic architecture, mitigated by the presence of integrated green terraces as a declaration of the green and highly sustainable soul of the building: energy class A4, currently the highest in terms of energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions in Italy , massive presence of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, recovery of rainwater through an underground collection tank connected to the irrigation system of the green areas, and finally the garden terraces, which reduce the heat island effect as well as create a pleasant barrier acoustic and visual from via Vigonovese. CaminUp is a play on words, which describes the identity of this project which represents a new way of thinking about urban architecture for the hamlet of Camin, a neighborhood with a strong industrial connotation but also densely populated. The project goal, which we think has been achieved, was to ensure that the quality of living remained high despite the highly man-made context, in a high-flow road with the presence of atmospheric and noise pollution. The construction site will start in 2022, and 18 months of construction are expected… stay tuned!


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 3ndy Studio
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Marco Mazzetto and Alessandro Lazzari, right after achieving their Master’s Degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the beginning, the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects, involving all the levels of design: from the objects up to the buildings and the urban planning.

Nowadays, 3ndy Studio is a consolidate reality, which proudly boasts several successful projects in Italy and abroad, and which represents a meeting point for skills and personalities. In recent years the Studio has expanded, including new architects, interior designers and product designers to reach all the new targets. Starting from the importance of energy saving in renovation and new projects, getting through the BIM innovation system, 3ndy Studio is always open to new challenges in the Architecture all around the world.


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