Toti Semerano/Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano - An office and housing complex that inserts a contemporary language in the façades of the urban fabric
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An office and housing complex that inserts a contemporary language in the façades of the urban fabric

Toti Semerano/Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano

Mixed Use  /  Future
Toti Semerano/Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano

Adjacent to the historic center of Lecce, the new city center has developed, the Ariston theater was built here, which for many years was the place where the major events of quality entertainment took place. In more recent years it has been refurbished and became the headquarters of a well-known commercial brand. The part corresponding to the scenic complex was excluded from the intervention, a huge volume destined in the project presented mainly for residential use while the first two floors are for commercial use. The project aims to insert a contemporary language in the anonymous facades of the current urban fabric. Taking into account the climatic conditions common to all of southern Italy, the intention is to work with diaphragms that protect the house from the high temperatures of the long summer months. The diaphragm must combine the needs, that of privacy and the view of the large terraces that can become the intervention, only in this way can the large loggias be able to extend the interior spaces. Two different types of intervention were identified as optimal: the first, a differentiated system of sunshades, the second, the creation of a particular microclimate through a careful use of plant essences. The solution adopted involves the installation of two models of sunshades which in the Ioro also formally alternate the intervention. The first model involves the use of cedar canes connected to each other by metal support elements. The choice of material is motivated by the fact that in addition to excellent resistance, it does not require any maintenance. the second model involves the use of metal nets, a painted and electronically perforated sheet with punches of different shapes and sizes in order to create a particularly suggestive customized design. Both solutions provided for fixed parts alternate with moving parts, the latter with doors or sliding inside the railings of the terraces. The mobility of the installed elements allows to graduate the transparency and therefore the ample privacy and provided loggias. The installation of the sunshades is part of a botanical project which, through the use of different plant species, will guarantee the formation of an ideal microclimate. The choice of the different plant species follows very specific criteria that foresee the scarce need for irrigation, the choice for native species. The plant provides for the use of suitable containers and vertical support networks that will allow in some parts to create real plant walls.


 3000 mq
 Toti Semerano
 Salvatore Musarò, Riccardo Catamo, Stefano Sabato


Recent awards. Winner of 2021 The Plan Landscape with the project Renovation of Punta Meliso, Santa Maria di Leuca, Winner of the Pida 2020 Prize in the Stella Maris Hotel Project category, winner in the "The Plan Award 2020" category Future public space, Otranto rocky ridge project, 2019 EU Finalist Mies Van der Rohe Prize Atelier Bagnoli project, 2019 The Plan Award winner in the Future category Office and Business, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Housing Project Residenza Sansovino, winner 2018 The Plan Award category Future Mixed-use project Residence Office Center The Plan Award 2017 Honorable Mention - "Culture" category, The Plan Award 2015 - category "Special Projects", Ask 2012 - Lifetime Achievement Award, Merit Award - Competition "Taiwan Towers Conceptual Design Competition" 2010, International Architecture Biennial Barbara Cappochin 2009 Award for the Care of Architectural Detail Elements.

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