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The Changzhou Jiuzhou Shunshan Town Cultural Exhibition Center explores the essence of cultural heritage


Landscape  /  Completed

Situated in Tianning District, Changzhou, China, Shunshan Town Cultural Exhibition Center is located in Zhajiawan Village, Zhenglu Town, at the foot of Shunshan Mountain and beside Shunshui River. Surrounded by dense forests and paddy fields, the site is a place where the Emperor Shun and Ji Zha controlled water and plowed fields in ancient China. It is a place for the elderly as well. Following the sparse, clear natural fabric of mountains and water, the design reclaims eutrophic water body caused by the ecological imbalance, explores the essence of cultural heritage, and enhances the publicity and attractiveness of the site. As an exhibition center, it will be also the Ji Zi Academy in the future. The design guards the primitive nature and the local spirit. All of the grasses and trees as well as the walls and pools are set in the spaces to form the unique scenery. It weaves together with the characteristics of traditional Chinese water town, evoking kindly and graceful ambience. Cultural Image Expression The overall layout is originated from Su Shi Yizhou Pavilion, a painting in Qing Dynasty. It presents the vivid scenes in Changzhou and the local culture and spirit. The design extracts scenes of the painting and focuses on nine different landscapes. When roaming among them, one has varied feelings toward different scenes that include the traditional Chinese intellectuals’ complex feeling on drawing landscape paintings for a thousand years.through the dense groves of Dawn redwood,it's an entrance with two pieces of rough stone are used to build a wall, borrowing the half yellowstone wall of the local residence in Changzhou. The luxuriant green island interlocking water surface forms a flowing curve in the backcourt, guiding the sight to the distance. With Citron spot planted, this water courtyard is a metaphor of a rainy dream in southern regions of Yangtze River.For the grassland and on the contrary, low stone walls and strip logs as well as ornamental grasses and landscape lights are dotted. A vast serene atmosphere is created that makes one meditate and open heart to the world.Water is the soul of the backcourt. One arch bridge and one long embankment are used to divide the natural water surface into multiple scenes for sightseeing and travel.The transparent and clean water surface is boundless, and the vigorous and straight pine trees contrast with pavilions. All of them cleverly form a layered visual effect. Water Body Purification The original water body on the site was muddy and had a strong fishy smell. Through planting multiple aquatic and wetland plants, the design adjusts the inner structure of the overall ecological system of the water region. After the excess substances were removed, transformed, circulated and exported, the ecological system was enhanced in an accelerative way. The aquatic and wetland plants can also form micro ecological environments together with the surrounding fauna and microorganism. These micro ecological environments have a typical function of active biological film. Thus, the solid suspended solids can be blocked and retained by roots system, and organic substances are removed through the micro ecological environment between roots in the ways of absorption, alienation and assimilation. Meanwhile, the plant roots transmit and release oxygen so that the pollutions are absorbed and even removed through nitrification, denitrification, accumulation, degradation and complexation. The pollutants are completely removed from the water body system, giving back clean and clear water that existed here before. Various aquatic and wetland plants are planted in the water and on the banks, which mainly include free-floating plants: Yellow floating heart, Water shield; floating-leaved plants: Water lily, Water chestnut; submerged plants: Water thyme, Whorled water milfoil, Tape grass; emerged plants: Lotus, Pickerelweed, Powdery alligator-flag, Softstem bulrush, etc.; wetland plants: Giant reed, Japanese iris, Beardless iris, Iris sanguine, Yellow iris, Aquatic canna, Purple loosestrife, Common reed, Pennywort, etc.; all of them not only play the role of water purification but also form an excellent visual effects for view appreciation. Planting Design There were many weeds on the site, and the plant effect was chaotic and primitive. For planting design, we minimize the damage to the existing ecological environment. In particular, big trees including the groves of Dawn redwood in the background as well as Weeping willow, Dragon tree, Camphor tree and Chinese hackberry on two banks are remained so that the original habitat for birds is kept. Water loving native trees, such as Chinese tallow tree, Chinese wingnut and Chinese swamp cypress, are added on the waterside to create a beautiful environment and make the site’s ecological system stable. According to the site with an atmosphere of water town, many traditional flowers and trees are planted, such as Oriental cherry, Peach, Chinese plum, Japanese maple, Crape myrtle, Pomegranate, Camellia, Citron, Wintersweet and Sweet olive, etc. Through satisfying five senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight, an immersive landscape is created, with an atmosphere of water town. On both sides of the main pedestrian passage are designed paths with flowers blossoming. These flowers are fragrant and have healing functions. Species include Rosemary, Mint, Sweet scented geranium, Lavender, Big marigold, Mexican bush sage, Florist's daisy, Perilla and Cape jasmine, etc. The visitors can benefit from the faint fragrance in the air, with fatigue relieved and pressure released. Evaluation and Benefits After completion, the nearby residents visiting this landscaped green land of Shunshan Cultural Exhibition Center gradually made it a little park. They enjoy the good comfort from nature and the paddy fields. Shunshan Town fully presents the typical oriental image and is a standard example for the output of cultural landscape.


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