ASAGGIO - TG15 explores the relationship between old and new through the search for spirituality of space and attention to detail
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TG15 explores the relationship between old and new through the search for spirituality of space and attention to detail


Interior  /  Completed

Among the historic buildings of the Trattengasse in Brixen, there was a multi-storey building dating back to the 20’s that could not be restored. With a width of only 4.60m and a depth of 24m, the reconstruction work includes four floors for residential units and a small commercial space on the ground floor. The project addresses the theme of the relationship between old and new, externally highlighted by the composition of the two detached facades, and internally through the search for spirituality of space and attention to detail. In fact, the deep black metal elements evoke the style of the Twenties, contrasting with the refined material uniformity of the surfaces. Since the building is located in a row of houses, the window fronts face the north and the south. The public access to the building is located on the north facade directly from the Trattengasse. The spirit of this historical pedestrian street, renovated during the last years, has been enhanced by the project with a façade composition that recalls the historical architectural elements of the context. On the other hand, in the south elevation, the large openings open up towards the inner garden where it is possible to contemplate the natural surroundings of the Plose, the local mountain of Brixen, and the peak of the Königsanger. Framed by this stunning mountain backdrop, the two towers of the cathedral, landmarks of the episcopal city, stand out. Once inside and leaving the commercial space behind, the internal stairwell already anticipates the key principles of the project: careful selection of materials and attention to detail. As mentioned, the black iron accompanies us inside the building creating the right contrast with the neutrality of the surfaces. The spatial organization will be deeply influenced by the width of the building and the central position of the stairwell. The small housing units, consisting of two studios and a duplex, combine functionality and living comfort. The top two floors house the project's most distinctive unit. The access is directly on the lower floor where the sleeping area is developed. The functional program here provides two double bedrooms equipped with private bathrooms and service spaces. The fabrics used give a feeling of softness and relaxation to the rooms. The upper floor instead gets rid of the internal partitions creating a single space that crosses the entire building. The essentiality is expressed by the mineral surface coating that covers the free surfaces and by the compositional linearity of the built-in walnut furniture. The lighting that hangs from the ceiling elegantly recalls the traditional lighting of the 20’s.


 442 mq
 Arch. Armin Sader, Arch. Gian Marco Giovanoli, Arch. Michael Silbernagl
 Gustav Willeit


ASAGGIO. The two architects met during their joint studies in Innsbruck and Florence. They graduated together with honors, obtaining the highest marks for their thesis on the railway area of Bolzano, under the supervision of Prof. Marino Moretti. In 2012 they founded the architecture studio ASAGGIO, acronym of the two names and literal expression of their philosophy, embodied by an aesthetic-architectural concept as contemporary as it is shrewd.
A mutual inspiration which, through the many projects carried out together, has evolved into a common path called ASAGGIO. A turning point towards a new perspective on architecture, in which each project places the individual at the center. Love for design and creative passion go hand in hand with the desire to carry out each project to the highest quality standards. But the search for quality does not end with the choice of innovative materials and methods.


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