Joe Cheng, Ken Hu - Shenzhen Prince Bay One Ninety-Five Experience Center, a bayside oasis
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Shenzhen Prince Bay One Ninety-Five Experience Center, a bayside oasis

Joe Cheng, Ken Hu

Interior  /  Completed
Joe Cheng, Ken Hu

The project is located in a cruise home port at Shenzhen Prince Bay. One side is the urban landscape with high-rise buildings and the other is the endless blue sea view, it allowing people to truly experience the harmony of prosperity and tranquility. With "Bayside Oasis" as the design concept, the interior design reinterprets the relationship between nature, life and art, and creating a natural and comfortable realm to remove the impetuous emotions hiding in the hearts for those who enter the space and returning to their true self. Moreover, designer believes the highest realm of aesthetics is to embrace all things without constrained to the differences between cultures. Therefore, in every link, every detail, atmosphere and texture, the designer uses local materials to present its oriental artistic conception with modern design techniques, so that the oriental emotion and the western charm are unboundedly integrated The design of the space introduces a concept of "Oasis" with numerous nature design elements, which also integrates with the scenery of the Greater Bay Area outside the window. The modern design details create a comfortable atmosphere like a courtyard in the south of the Yangtze River, making the space more fluid and transparent. Inspired by oasis and dusk, the entrance "tunnel" abstracts two different textures of green and gold, creating a pure experience of space and nature. The light shines from the water to the ceiling, changing with the rippling water waves. The water shadow echoes the undulating waves, arousing the vitality of the space and making people feel like they are in a real bay or an oasis. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass design make the whole space brighter, and the spaces are connected and extended to achieve better lighting effects. Entering the lobby from the "tunnel", there is a box installation of glass mirrors floats in the air. It contrasts with other design elements such as stone, wood, and water. There is a feeling of entering an unreal world. A series of abstract artworks related to the theme of "Oasis" are placed in the circular experience space. Visitors are like entering an art gallery, allowing the space and mind to be infinitely released and swept away the impetuousness in their hearts, so as to return to their true self. By returning to the essence of life, the space design of the project truly pays attention to people's inner needs and carries the occupants' expectations for life. Simple and refined scenes are given warmth and resonate with human emotions. The inanimate architectural concept is empowered by the design, thereby presenting a warm life harbor, where people communicate with nature and release their body and mind.


 770 mq
 Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd.
 Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd.


Joe Cheng
CCD Founder & Chairman
Mr. Joe Cheng has over thirty years of experience in hospitality design. With the design concept of “Eastern artistic conception in Western form ", he is well-known in the field of international hotel interior design. He leading the CCD design team to the forefront of the interior design industry and guiding the contemporary design trend with unique creativity and innovation.

Ken Hu
CCD President & Principal Partner
Mr. Ken Hu has more than 30 years’ experience in interior design industry. After 15 years design career in HBA headquarter, he returned to China and became a partner of CCD. He brought CCD to a more globalized platform, and his unique personal insight and international vision always endows the project with innovation.


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