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Light Art House, like a garden tour experience

Haochen Su

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Haochen Su

The project uses the change of natural light at each time and the treatment of large-area blank space to make the space simple and elegant. With the form of art, the design concept of giving life to space and giving life to art is well realized. Light is everywhere and changing rapidly, which guides us to know the world. Architecture is a correct, wonderful and magical game of the volume under the light. The two redefine the context of space between the alternation of light and darkness, and finally interweave into the residence of the soul. How to use the modern aesthetic dimension to make the building facade and natural light and shadow reach a certain fit in tension has become the design of this case. Benchmark. Through the design technique of modern art and body block, the designer combines space and light with narrative clues. The organic integration of shadow, moving line and humanities creates a modern art residence that can lie, live, swim and think in natural form. Just as Rem Koolhaas used the technique of interspersed blocks to make the building hidden in Bordeaux residence, this case draws lessons from oriental gardens. With the geometric form of natural narration, it creates a "garden tour" experience with different scenes, blurs the boundaries of time and space and media, and deduces it as the expression of modernist "Poetics". Space is not a container for filling objects, but the residence of human consciousness. Poetic construction gives the house a unique charm: vulgarity screens it, beauty receives it, and the inside and outside of the space form a whole. Outdoors, verdant green is like expressing affection between mountains and rivers; Indoor, artistic installations, intersecting lines and different materials make the boundary of artistic conception unfold, brew and blend here. Using light, deconstructive design method, deconstructing space and functional moving line. And set up many art sculptures to enhance the artistic atmosphere. It truly gives space to life and life to art. Let the natural beauty stay indoors, leaving a clear mood, with elegant and simple light colors as the main tone in the texture stitching. Create a natural and comfortable field atmosphere, and natural light is the best feedback. Enjoy art and live in art, condense the light, live in the heart, and reflect the attitude and spirit behind the habitat. Based on the present, thinking about the future becomes a continuous iteration of design, reengineering the imagination and expression space, endowing people with emotion, which is often hidden in the details. Hidden in the depths of time. Home is where the heart lies.


 Ningbo City
 1800 mq
 Haochen Su
 Haochen Su
 Chen Xiang


In this private house project, Su HaoChen is responsible for the design. From the design concept elements to the control of material and color, he has full control. The main achievement is that in front of the owners who need to design, he will put forward professional suggestions and professional guidance, and finally help the owners to save worry and effort, and obtain a living space with taste and artistic atmosphere.


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