Haodong LIU - Guigang Hoyo Banquet Hotel's design reflects the interaction between humans and nature, and humans and space
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Guigang Hoyo Banquet Hotel's design reflects the interaction between humans and nature, and humans and space

Haodong LIU

Interior  /  Completed
Haodong LIU

Hoyo State Banquet is a well-known high-end catering enterprise in Guangxi, which was established in 1999. Guigang Hoyo Banquet Hotel is the second flagship store following Nanning Hoyo State Banquet, with a design area of 4,200 m2. Since its establishment, Hoyo brand has shouldered the mission of carrying forward Cantonese cuisine. While exploring the cultural heritage of Cantonese cuisine, it is also constantly creating new dishes, with a view to offering the most authentic Cantonese cuisine to customers according to the most stringent requirements of Cantonese cuisine experts! How to convey the ultimate brand pursuit and high-end brand positioning to consumers through space design, and how to create a unique catering space that not only conforms to the field spirit of the brand, but also perfectly combines the local regional culture are the challenges facing the design of this project. This project is mostly inspired by local cultural architecture and natural landscape in Guigang, with the space style defined in combination with the field spirit of the brand. Through the treatment of artistic techniques, the design of many locations has reflected the interaction between human and nature, human and space, and gradually extended local characteristic elements to the devices so as to express China’s unique cultural emotions, thereby creating an artistic catering space. The collision of straight lines and curves is also the symbiosis of modern commercial space and traditional culture projection, creating a highly recognizable classical space with high momentum. The centripetal space constructed by arc and geometric linearity guides people with different attributes to enter different contexts of the space and form multiple interactive exchanges. When visitors step into it, passing through the vaulted spaces of different spans, the perception is rich and quietly changing. Basing on the local culture, the designer embeds the natural elements of nature, moonlight, and lake shadows into the interior space. Through the extraction and continuation of the form, from the perspective of visual sense and emotional connection, the designer creates a "Holland City in a box". The space is free and unconstrained. Through the setting of the moving lines of the spatial layout, the designer vertically overlaps the "archs" of different spaces, which are free and smooth, and integrate into each other, creating a different interactive experience between people and space in the vertical space, and at the same time bringing a strong visual effect. Based on the local cultural , it uses modern methods to subtly combine Eastern and Western cultures, reflects the unique poetic aesthetics of the space, depicts the humanistic sentiments of Guigang in the long history, transcends the time limit, releases the elegant charm, and is rich in texture. Come leisurely with romance and artistry to achieve the harmonious coexistence of cultural and commercial attributes.


 Guigang City
 Winhand Investment Co., LTD.
 4200 mq
 Haodong Liu


As an interior designer for 22 years, Haodong Liu has done numerous outstanding projects. He is a member of IF International Interior Designers Alliance, a member of APDF Asia-Pacific Designers Alliance, IDCF 2020 Influential Designer, and China's Top Ten Catering Space Designers. At the same time, he is also a judge of the 2021 11th Global Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS AWARD Award, a specially-appointed practical professional design tutor of the 2021 9th International Space Design Award Creative Award, and a dialogue host of the 2021 11th Idea-Tops Award Ceremony Forum. And frequent award guests, deputy secretary general of the 12th Idea-Tops Award in 2021, special guests of the 2021 Centennial Fenghua Design Forum, 2021 Interior Design Brand Characters, and 2021 G10 Summit International Master Forum Dialogue guests.


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