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Efficient operation and pleasant atmosphere: the duality of Ajna Dental Clinic


Interior  /  Completed

The project introduces new modern interiors of an existing dental clinic AJNA in the city Ostrava, Czech Republic. AJNA is designed to serve as a complex dental centre with dental surgeries, professional facilities, and high-end laboratories. Our main goal was creating functional, comfort and elegant space for both staff and clients. The workspace for staff consists of two dental surgeries, presentation room, office, CBCT room. The facilities accessible only to staff include laboratories, changing rooms, a day room, and sanitary facilities. There are also sanitary facilities for patients, cleaning chambers, warehouses, and technology facilities in the building. The space layout is logical and comes from the required operations in the Clinic. In the space itself, there is easy navigation for clients. There are two main axes in the ground plan which are perpendicular to each other. In their intersection, there is a spacious reception with a waiting room. There is an interesting design moment in the reception area – the use of LCD LED panels to backlight the front part of the reception desk. The clinic staff can show advertisements, images, videos or clinic logos there. The space is divided in height and material. This is how the function of different spaces is defined. Places for the client - where he gets information, where he waits and the reception – have lowered ceilings. Those areas have more intimate character. Dignity and high standard are enhanced by the material - wooden panelling. The doctor's work premises, on the other hand, are lined with large-format ceramic tiles in the marble stone decor. The furniture serves an yet another interior decoration. Built-in furniture, mainly cabinets and work desks, respect the clean and minimalist approach to design of the interior. Free-standing furniture complements the built-in one and some of his elements become solitary accents of the interior. Working medical furniture is black in piano lacquer. The client can appreciate the use of visually interesting graphics and materials such as stone, wood panels, painted glass or perforated sheet metal. The AJNA motto “Come and Be Pampered” translates into the concept of the whole space, which is designed on the principle of duality. Patient zone and doctor zone are separated or combined in layout to ensure efficient operation and pleasant atmosphere. Duality principle can be seen in surgeries themselves too, the separation or combining is done by using different materials or by installing atypical furniture.


 Czech Republic
 3D Vision Clinic s.r.o.
 540 mq
 Václav Kocián
 Václav Kocián
 KLIER Dental Furniture
 Pavol Bigoš (


The HUA HUA studio was founded in 2014 by architect Vaclav Kocian and is based in Brno, Czech Republic, with projects all over the country, even across the borders. With focus on blue-green infrastructure and environmental thinking, we design health facilities, houses, interior, public spaces, residential projects, and engineering constructions.
Always pushing the boundaries of what can be done, which recyclable material can be used and what there is new to insert in our projects, we try to use our voice as architects and create better spaces for our clients.
No matter if it is a small cottage in the mountains or large dental clinic, the genius loci has a great meaning. For architecture to be good, it simply must reflect its surroundings. It must humbly respect the tradition, although be bold enough to keep its own face. That is why we pay a close attention to concept phase of every project.

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