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Crìu Boutique Hotel, becoming a benchmark for travelers

LineaT studio

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LineaT studio

Críu Boutique Hotel takes shape from a strong bond with the territory and local traditions, interpreted in a personal and original way. It is a minimal, refined and delicate place, designed to be above all a HOME. A space where architecture, design and genuine Sicilian cuisine meet, surrounded by the natural wonders of the area in which it stands: the slopes of Mount Etna. Críu is what every one of us would like to find in any trip we take: a home, a reference point for travellers who prefer a relationship with nature and are environmentally aware, who are demanding but at the same time love simplicity. It all starts from the recovery of a 1950s villa on pilotis, located in the historic centre, abandoned and affected by decay. The design purpose has led to preserving the general shape, the reinforced concrete structure, the existing openings (enlarging them where necessary) and the separation of the interior spaces, thus creating new rooms developed on two levels connected by an existing double-height space. This becomes the covering for a vertical connective made of two thin layers of bent light Corten steel, with a minimal section, key element of a living space. The central room, intimate and characterised by an exposed hob, is designed to encourage meeting and conviviality among hotel guests. The choice of materials was precise and aimed at making the spaces as homogeneous and bright as possible: the resin flooring, which characterises the entire project, makes the transition from one room to another fluid; the birch wood, used for the tops and wall coverings, is elegant and not too tiring to the eye; the glazed ceramic finishes inside the rooms are linked to the tradition of using terracotta, with a contemporary twist. This is completed by the choice of combining design furniture with elements produced by local craftsmen, who are the witnesses to a living and strong tradition. The concept of each room, with its minimalist aesthetic, is linked to a predilection for natural and local materials and Sicily in general. Their names Cotto, Terra, Salvia, Ghiara, Lavica, Sale, Neve, Manna represent the ancient, and still current, Sicilian materials, which come from the soil, natural phenomena and botany. Finally, a mention of the name given to the structure: Crìu, the name of the ancient Sicilian sieve, traditionally made with a wooden band and a wire mesh or horsehair bottom, used to sift ancient grains.


 Angela Terranova srl
 500 mq
 LineaT studio
 LineaT studio


Salvatore Terranova and Giorgia Testa founded the LineaT studio in October 2015 after collaborating with established architecture and engineering firms.
The studio has realised projects in the residential and commercial fields, on small and large scales, up to the design of design elements, with a focus on research into innovative materials and construction techniques.
A promoter of architecture that integrates with the territory in which it operates, and that is first and foremost a vehicle for social regeneration. Aware of the importance that architectural study has on the quality of life, it operates with the aim of triggering a domino effect that leads to qualitative development of the territory on a large scale.
The process of creation develops from the composition, integrated with the technological aspects, and respectful of the suggestions of the place on which it stands, to the study of detail addressed to the design.

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