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Chongqing Neverland, embracing nature into space and translating it into design language

Harmony World Consultant & Design

Interior  /  Completed
Harmony World Consultant & Design

Chongqing is a city that faces the water on three sides. The scattered buildings and the volleyed rails are built along the mountain. They staggered and folded to create a three-dimensional city. While modern residences are constantly innovating, reconstructing, and upgrading, most people in Chongqing still believe in the ideal classical Chinese architectural complex infiltrated by "Yuan" and "Guan." "Yuan" means courtyard, simply a “yard enclosed on four sides.” It is one of the most common housing typologies in China. “Guan" means hall, referring to how architecture is built in layers to extend the best landscape view from height. The 200 square meter room of Neverland was designed by the HWCD team, drawing on the essence of “Yuan” design. Through the innovative split-level balcony layout, designers intend to create a space that seems to reside in the cloud. This double-storey balcony design has a six-meter total ceiling height and a 270° view. As Chongqing is one of the significant central Chinese cities approved by The Chinese State Council, the rapid development has led Chongqing to expand its economic growth to the north. The project locates in Yubei District of Chongqing, located in the northwest of the main urban area of Chongqing. Due to Yubei's rich business environment, the clients are groups with plenty of consuming powers and a desire for quality leisure. Hence, the project aims to provide a space for the client to absorb culture, experience nature, appreciate art, facilitate business and social activities. To realize the integration of landscape and function, inherit the delicacy and art culture, and build a model area of the city leading high-quality life. The design team puts the emotional connection between family members as a starting point and focuses on the relationship and interaction between space and people. The interior design intends to seek the integration between the environment and people by reconstructing the functions of the interior space and endowing a valuable communication space in life. In terms of the interior space planning, the balcony, living room, dining room, and kitchen forms a migration streamline, which creates a "gravity center" for all family members and guests. The living room, dining room, Chinese and Western kitchen, and the study are all open to the courtyard, forming an interactive communication area beside the living room. In addition, designers integrate personalities and activities to give each space a theme, such as a cloud-like living room, artistic garden, green forest, lovely pet house, kids paradise, zen living, baking, and craftsmanship. Neverland is not only an attitude about freedom but also a spiritual guide. Multidimensional life scenes nourish the perception of beauty. Designers embrace nature into space and translate it into its design language. The living room secures a clean and panoramic view of the outdoor landscape. Also, the extensive use of natural-pattern materials forms a unified artistic style, such as wood veneer and luxurious stone ceramic board in the living room. Moreover, the Master Bedroom is suite-style and shows a sense of scale, comfort, and practice. The Master Bedroom has a transitional entrance, a luxury lounge area, and a large walk-in closet to outline a modern luxury texture with details. The color scheme expresses a sedate and mature atmosphere. In addition, the contrast of brown and white colors enlarges the vision scale of the space. Moreover, brown allows to bring the resident's focus away from metropolis chaos and reflects the pulse and rhythm of life itself. The application of metal, leather, and fabric also draws attention to the essence of life. Overall, this project echoes the personal needs of the new urban elites in the way of living and creating a quiet scenery with a natural touch.


 200 mq
 Hongjun Lin, Ming Jin, Yanhao Chen, Haibo Shen, Chuanbo Li, Shule Yang


Harmony World Consultant and Design are widely known as HWCD. It is an international design company based in London, Shanghai, and Barcelona with approximately 800 design specialists. HWCD provides a broad spectrum of design projects: urban design, boutique hotels, high-end residential, commercial design, and art consulting. Some significant commercial and top residential projects include Six Senses Ibiza Resort, Victoria Square in London, Tomson Riviera, Tomson Golf Villa, Shanghai Xuhui Binjiang Yunjintiandi, Shanghai Hongqiao Unilever Headquarters, Xuhui Binjiang Shanghai Bay, Suzhou IFC Center, Changsha IFC Center, Hangzhou Gate. Yunjin Tiandi, one of the high-end residential projects, earned HWCD The Plan’s Best Commercial Property Design. The Greenland Huangpu Riverside Show Home project was named Best ShowCase in the Asia Pacific region by SBID (British Interior Design Awards) and won the Best Design Award by World International News Magazine (WIN).


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