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CHINTIN TOP KITCH Restaurant, feeling at home and having a good conversation

Jun Xin

Interior  /  Completed
Jun Xin

Etiquette for people is just as distiller's yeast for wine. Both are indispensable. Be polite and courteous when doing things, and treat others as guests when getting along with them. When a friend comes from afar, he should be treated sincerely rather than in a manner that is merely formality or is constrained by red tape, either in a quiet, leisure talk with tea served or when he is sincerely accommodated for the night. Making the guest feel at home and having a good conversation with him is the best way of hospitality. In today’s society, the distance between people is drawn closer by technology, but they tend to spend more time apart than together. When reuniting after a long-time separation, it always seems that they cannot enjoy themselves if they do not have a big feast. Anyhow, it is hard for them to relax on such occasions. People try to draw the distance between them closer through the abundant materials. But, their hearts are difficult to get together. Chintin Top Kitchen is an attempt we have made to strike a balance between the two. It is located in the CBD of ShenZhen but next to the street garden. You can see the entire small wood by sitting in the restaurant, which is a wonderful sighting-seeing place. The unique geographical location makes the beautiful natural landscape a highlight. The concept of water is derived based on the theme of seafood hotpot, and many related elements are included in the design to highlight the theme of the restaurant. Carbon grey and metallic black unfold as the tone of the space, clean and profound, setting off a large area of crystal clear water glass. The tree branches outside the window are full of green. The dancing tree shadows are just like a vivid picture of nature when the breeze blows. Light enters into the window through the ice-like glass and creates the dreamlike, mottled flowing light and shadow, with brimming waves. Just imagine that the hot air in the hotpot diffuses, becomes the water marks of light, and aggregates into ice crystal glass. Just like water, the air becomes steam through evaporation, condenses into ice, and melts into water again. The three coexists with each other and grows endlessly. Seafood is placed in jewelry display cabinets at one side. Real water flows in the seafood pool, and illusory water runs in the restaurant, with a combination of reality and virtuality. Water glass wraps around people and provides a shelter for happy gatherings, without being disturbed. The corridor echoes the circular flowing water. And several curves wrap around the compartment, meet in the end, and keep winding, with an endless circulation path. It is difficult to see them through at one glance. And the door to a room can be seen only when people are walking in the curves for them to go. Pushing the door and entering the room, you will suddenly see the light and the bright, beautiful window scenery. The flourishing tree crown is just near you. It seems as if you would hold it by stretching your hands. Enjoy the food hung on the treetop is really a wonderful experience. The pendants of the devices take a variety of forms, such as circles, recessed circles, folded circles, spheres, and hemispheres. The ingenious and unique design is delicately embedded in spaces, waiting for us to explore. The elegant and tolerant wood tone makes us feel close. In the soft light, you can share with your friends the rich delicacy next to the swinging branches. A meeting space at the corner, consisting of sofas and coffee tables, allow you to take a nap after you are full, just as if you sat and chat in your own living room in a leisure and self-satisfied way. At this moment, both your body and mind will be healed. Here, you will feel the clear and comfortable relationship between people and space, relaxed, natural and intimate relationship among friends and relatives, but vague and mysterious relationship between you and others, with respective privacy. This is just our understanding of the way in which we treat guests. In the pleasant and delicate environment, you will feel relaxed and unstrained when you have a gathering. Your body will be light and mind free. So, in the present days, how can we carry forward the spirit of treating guests in a modern style? How can we treat our guests with hospitality without making them feel restrained? Chintin Top Kitchen is just one of our answer sheets. Long time no see. Come and have a meal together, OK, old buddy?


 Shenzhen City
 545 mq
 Jun Xin
 Jun Xin


Mr. XIN, founder and design director of Xin Shi Design, was graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan,Italy.Focus on the design of space environment, he advocates doing moderate design and emotional space, think good design can create value and a good life.
Explore the expression and essence of design through practice, pursue the spirit and appeal of design from literature and art, find inspiration of design in the development track of east and west, contemporary and history, and strive to find the space atmosphere for each space, so as to achieve a more perfect scene experience.
His main design areas include Hotel, business, catering, residential, and clubs, etc.


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