Lu Lixing - Beijing Chunhe Jingming Sales Center, a place of cultural exchange at the starting point of the Jing-Hang Grand Canal
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Beijing Chunhe Jingming Sales Center, a place of cultural exchange at the starting point of the Jing-Hang Grand Canal

Lu Lixing

Interior  /  Completed
Lu Lixing

The Chunhe Jingming Sales Centre is located in Tongzhou, Beijing, the starting point of the Jing-Hang Grand Canal which links the Yellow River and Yangtze River. The canal a major role in facilitating cultural exchange and trade within the Chinese nation and beyond. The unique canal culture and traditional eastern culture have been incorporated into the water-themed design with an "ink canal" concept running through. Every detail of the design has been considered, such as the combination of different materials and lights, ensuring a unique style and high premium taste. Modern design techniques and traditional elements are combined in this space, giving it a wave of artistic feeling. Focusing on an immersive experience, the layout is composed of diverse scenes instead of merely functional spaces. From the landscape to the interior, and then to the interior decoration, namely the ornaments, paintings and carpet patterns, all convey the story of the flowing canal. Also, the 'eight scenes of Tongzhou' are implicitly incorporated, of which colors of the four seasons are shown by national colors green and yellow. The pioneering design aims at creating a dialogue between tradition and modernity as well as a spatial experience that is both traditional and contemporary. The design is simple, fluid and seamless with a focus on elegance, which is always a crucial part of Chinese art. Dark brown, gray and a little red are included in the major colour palette. The model room design is in modest luxury, taking the elegant gray as the main colour and a small amount of red and yellow instead of fancy colors, which intends to cater to the life pursuit of successful business people. The living room is spacious, with comfortable lines of movement and an open view, highlighting the quality of the residence and ensuring the comfortable activities of family members in the space. Rooted in an oriental style, the design makes an innovative attempt at copper and strikes a balance between materials, techniques and contemporary aesthetics. The project is in an unique style and targets at high-end consumers. The main design elements are extracted from the the canal culture, and history, culture and modern art are integrated into the whole space design. Since flashy and gaudy tones are not preferred, designers used a small amount of national colors in the senior grey, forming a space with smooth lines and open views.


 564 mq
 Anar Group
 Lu Lixing(Shanghai Yijianmu Space Design Co.,Ltd)


19 years of experience in the interior design industry. The design field covers the hotel as the core, office, club, real estate business and other types of projects. Strive to fully express the design concept; obsessed with the entire complex process of work innovation, in-depth design and construction supervision, in order to land the project without departing from the ideal high altitude soared at first.

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