Jun Xin - A design simplified into three shapes, circle, triangle and square: Chiyoda Japanese Food Restaurant
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A design simplified into three shapes, circle, triangle and square: Chiyoda Japanese Food Restaurant

Jun Xin

Interior  /  Completed
Jun Xin

Chiyoda Japanese cuisine restaurant is located in a bustling area – the downtown of a metropolis, but the purpose of the design is actually to create a tranquil atmosphere where people can get relaxed.After several searches, We finally found a property with a terrace to create conditions for creating a quiet space atmosphere in the city. The designer uses a partition to isolate this project from the outside world, and then elaborately constructs a courtyard to move the nature into the downtown. In this way, people get closer to nature, and only quiet space and pure visual comfort are left.Through the screen design, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and skillfully avoid the noisy city at the same time. What is isolated is not only the noise, but the pressure and disturbance of modern life. Chiyoda has 300 square meters of interior and 60 square meters of courtyard. It is divided into seven private rooms, each of which can see a unique courtyard landscape. Here, let's stay away from the familiar reality and experience the lonely beauty of a small tree, the natural power of a stone, the natural simplicity of a cement wall and a moving space atmosphere. In Zen understanding, the universe can be simplified into three shapes, circle, triangle and square. This idea runs through the whole design. The pure and simple texture of the rock sheet at the entrance presents a quiet beauty. Through a cabin shaped window, the meticulous working state of the sashimi table chef can be vaguely seen. The painting of pine forest has a hazy sense of picture, with fascinating depth and ethereal. This silent scene is frozen into eternal solitude. The automatic door carved in log is integrated with the wall, and the invisible design adds a trace of mystery. The sound of gurgling water is endless, After entering the door, I saw a natural freehand stone water feature. Through the corridor under the low eaves, the sashimi platform is facing you.The natural texture of raw stones and logs and the original flavor of food complement each other. The natural quality of those raw stones and woods that derive from nature brings people a sense of amiability and simplicity, able to calm them down. Discarding the pandemonium and disturbance from outside but enjoying the tranquility at this moment, people can relish delicacies in a comfortable atmosphere and indulge in the guest space themed with private kitchen. Such an interactive experience can give birth to a closer relationship between people. The bar on one side gives guests space to have a few drinks between waiting. The middle hall passing through the inclined roof is the corridor. Cut off the hustle and bustle of the city, leaving only a quiet atmosphere. Moss highlights the feeling of silence against the background of small gray and black stones. Through the window, you can see the mottled cement wall. The imprint that has experienced the wind and sun condenses the calmness and humility that can only be expected, and directly reaches the inner beauty. The trees that flourish in summer stretch their branches in winter. Here I feel the aesthetic attitude towards the fading life, which is an appreciation of the disillusionment of life. The screen is permeated with dim white light, which depends on the shade. The low and narrow window can enjoy the courtyard, quietly enjoy the fun of leaves falling on the moss, leaving a space for imagination. Through the screen to watch the courtyard outside the window, sometimes the shadow of trees is whirling, sometimes the clouds are swirling. Feel its elegant temperament in a quiet atmosphere. The largest room is in the corner of the building, with two windows. One side is facing the courtyard, and the other side can see the treetops of the street. In the blooming season, the scene outside the window looks like cherry blossoms in full bloom, so it is named cherry blowing snow. The large round mirror at the center interlaces reality and illusion, producing a dramatic spatial effect. Sit on the ground, close to green plants and running water. Return to nature, talk with nature and enjoy the comfort and peace it brings. The small trees snuggle up beside a pool of clear water. The two complement each other. When time stands still and stares at the rock, it seems that the rock grows from the ground and comes from the power of the earth. Chiyoda is a quiet space in the steel jungle of the city.People can perch and gather here and look forward to meeting again.


 Shenzhen City
 360 mq
 Jun Xin
 Jun Xin


Mr. XIN, founder and design director of Xin Shi Design, was graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan,Italy.Focus on the design of space environment, he advocates doing moderate design and emotional space, think good design can create value and a good life.
Explore the expression and essence of design through practice, pursue the spirit and appeal of design from literature and art, find inspiration of design in the development track of east and west, contemporary and history, and strive to find the space atmosphere for each space, so as to achieve a more perfect scene experience.
His main design areas include Hotel, business, catering, residential, and clubs, etc.


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