Studio Odile Decq - Antares Tower, a luxury residential block from the sea to the Scorpius constellation
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Antares Tower, a luxury residential block from the sea to the Scorpius constellation

Studio Odile Decq

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Studio Odile Decq

The initial brief of the competition in 2015 consisted of the re-use of the pre-existing concrete structure of a residential tower on the seafront in Barcelona, facing the congress center, and transform it into a high-rise residency. In order to increase up to 100 meters, allowing the development of 88 apartments in a range of typologies going from roughly 100 m2 up to duplexes and penthouses of 400 m2. For doing it the first constraints was structural by adding 10 floors above the existing concrete skeleton and expand each floor to create large balconies around. It was a challenge. The building was immediately designed with a Sky Terrace and a rooftop infinity pool providing 360° unobstructed views of Barcelona, a fully landscaped garden and outdoor pavilion and a wide array of additional amenities in the basement, containing 1,000 square meter wellness area with a spa, a spectacular swimming pool installed under the car park ramp under which the mirror ceiling multiplies the reflections of those swimming in the water and “above the water!” », a hammam, a set of well-being in wood with hammam and spa, and a wooden bubble lit from the garden above to practice yoga or meditate. All these spaces installed in the basement benefit from natural light by incorporating portholes into their ceilings extending into the garden above. Prime approach of the existing structure has consisted in working on the volume’s perception, in order to transform the static, rather massive, high-rise into a slim, dynamic and fluid shape. Taking benefit from the additional height and the demand for balconies, the latter have been used to create a changing perception of the volume through different angles. Their curves interruption creates a phenomenon of entasis, enhancing the impression of height; their changing incurved geometry create like waves, transforming the building in a moving tower, in echo to the fluidity of the close-by sea and wind. This allows it to become a singular landmark in Barcelona’s skyline. Ideally located on a strategic point in the city, near the Mediterranean Sea, located at 1 Plaça de Llevant, at the intersection between the seafront and the origin of Diagonal Avenue the building is in a neighborhood where high-rise buildings are already being developed. Facing the city’s congress center, it allows views over the sea as well as over the city and the close-by mountains. Thanks to the large balconies and their orientation, each apartments benefits at least from view towards the sea. The architecture and interiors were designed in close correspondence in order to not only redefines the Barcelona skyline but sets a new benchmark in living. Every aspect of the design was intentional – from the use of the bold red, black and white color scheme, to the curved terraces which give the building its distinctive look. The innovative character of Antares is found in the way the global concept with wide transparent facades combined to specific shaped balconies contribute both to comfort and to solve climate problematics of wind and sun exposure. The balconies with highly raised curved glass protect from wind and reduce sensation of vertigo and they largely extend the inner living space toward outside. Residents are greeted by a 10m high double-height lobby facing an arched red wall, a bespoke concierge desk, an impressive chandelier made up of 25 Javelins, a residents' lounge and a full-height green wall. extending into the garden. All the elements designed specifically by Odile Decq are perceived twice thanks to the 10-meter high mirror ceiling which amplifies the perception of the height of the lobby. Thus the chandelier, made up of a single piece of 25 javelins, is multiplied in the ceiling to become even more spectacular. The confidant armchairs, also made of unique pieces of red lacquered wood, fit together and dance in circles. Only the javelin masts take over without transformation the lights designed by Odile Decq for the MACRO in Rome. Residents enter Antares greeted by a triple-height lobby with a curved red feature wall, bespoke concierge desk, an impressive chandelier made of 25 Javelots, a resident’s lounge area, boasting a full height green wall extending into the garden. All of the elements are perceived as double thanks to the mirrored ceiling at 10 meters height which allows double perception of the lobby. Each of the 88 homes inside, feature floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces providing panoramic views of the coastline, the far Barcelona with its landmark as Sagrada Familia, Akbar tower and Montjuïc and surrounding mountains. Floor plans ensure all 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom residences feel generously spaced, with large living rooms and bedrooms on the front facade and kitchens and baths on their backside. In addition to the use of smart technology innovations to make everyday living simple each is equipped with intelligent home systems which include smartphone controlled home automation systems with control screens, integrated video intercoms and the temperature throughout the home. All homes feature high-quality bamboo timber flooring throughout the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, corridors and balconies, bespoke-designed solid surface kitchen islands, baths, single or double sinks and vanities with integrated drawers. The relatively low floor heights led to favoring an air and cold distribution system by peripheral ducts and low convectors on the floors at the edge of the facade all around the flats rather than by networks in false ceilings, and this made possible to preserve the greatest height and to treat the nearby energy inputs from the source.


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 Odile Decq
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Studio Odile Decq is an international firm represented by Odile Decq, established since the beginning of the 80s. Its Architecture is recognized and published around the world and has received numerous awards. The Studio integrates intimately technique and innovation, while keeping a human scale, close to the projects.

In the organization, Odile Decq herself takes on the role of project manager, with the support of a core of international confirm architects trained at the Studio, in charge of the project’s development. This core is complemented by a team of young international architects.

The conceptual process, centred around experimentation, is closely followed by Odile Decq herself. In an organizational form close to the "workshop", the external consultants, participate actively and regularly in the progress of the project. Thus, the design includes from the start all the parameters to succeed, in an initially iterative approach, to arrive at a perfectly integrated project.


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