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The Summit Club, like a sanctuary in the desert

Woods + Dangaran

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Woods + Dangaran

Conceived as a private sanctuary in the desert, the architecture of this gracious home complements the region’s natural colors, textures, topography, and climate. The house has a logical hierarchy of private and public spaces that harmonize with its gently sloping site, organized around unobstructed vistas of Red Rock and Las Vegas’s famed Blue Diamond Hill. The floorplan is organized using cleanly articulated building masses positioned on the site to take best advantage of the views. Two pavilions are joined by a circulation wing that introduces light and interior courtyards to the residence. Instead of cluttered, form-fussy elevations, the simple architectural volumes layer living spaces, enhancing the complexity of moving through the interior and exterior environments. The pool takes advantage of the gentle downslope at the south end of the property and vanishes into the grade, leaving an unobstructed panoramic view over the development and city beyond. The project employs overhangs and trellises to protect indoor and outdoor living spaces and create unique visual effects with light and shadow. The entry sequence from the street to the house progresses through curated architectural moments. A louvered fence creates articulated privacy from the street while maintaining visual transparency; an entry courtyard with reflecting pool, firepit, and seating area create a transitional space into the domestic environment; behind the front door, the home opens to dramatic views of the rugged landscape. From there, the axial layout of living spaces detailed with continuous flooring and framed, layered views allow residents and guests to seamlessly experience the architecture and site simultaneously. Similarly, entry via the garage—which is completely concealed from the street—progresses sequentially from the outside into the residence’s central, private living space. Once inside, the house unfolds as a series of pavilions and contemplative outdoor gardens that create curated architectural moments for living and entertaining. On the ground level, the public areas of the home are arranged around an outdoor pool. Bedrooms and a home office are tucked away on the floor above. Exterior walls serve as art canvases for sculptural trees and feathered grasses. Landscaping, local ground cover, and trees serve as privacy buffers from the street. The home’s material palette is inspired by the natural landscape, consisting of earthy colors, textures, metals, and glass. The red clay exterior—which will patina gracefully with time—imbues a sense of belonging to the house within its native landscape and serves as a neutral canvas for accent trees, rock gardens, and local plantings to flourish. Public and private living spaces are married by continuous travertine flooring, teak wall systems, and custom furnishings. This timeless palette is well-suited for the desert climate and will allow for the building to age gracefully with the landscape elements over time.


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 United States
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 Woods + Dangaran
 Woods + Dangaran


Many firms describe their work as “transformative”—architecture as an accomplished fact. At Woods + Dangaran, we create modern homes through dialogue and exploration. By collaborating closely with our clients throughout the design process, we are better able to inspire them with the finished product. By working closely with trusted tradespersons, we can deliver work that is uncompromising in craftsmanship.

Working across the country, we design holistically and at every scale: from integrating architecture and interiors to creating custom furnishings. The result are projects that are subtle and disciplined, pure in form, and focused on realizing sublime experiences of space and light. Each building is a carefully curated journey through indoor and outdoor environments that are quietly luxurious, elegantly fluid, and warmly modern.


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