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Return To The Original Heart: the beauty of wabi-sabi

Touch Design

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Touch Design

This case is located in the bustling city Beijing. Taking wabi-sabi aesthetics as the starting point, the designer uses the oriental philosophy to remove the heaviness and tediousness of the city and space, making the space return to the inner resonance with people. The design of space moving line is like the director's arrangement of film time line that focuses on visual capacity, reasonable arrangement, etc. When entering into the space, we find that the designer makes a very detailed arrangement according to the different functional space of living moving line and housework moving line. A large area of white space totally represents the beauty of wabi-sabi when we enter into the space, which creates a romantic atmosphere here. On the left and right sides are the guest dining room for leisure, and on the front is the more private sleeping space, cloakroom and Buddhist hall. Each individual block is freely interspersed and closely connected, and the moving line is clear and reasonable, which illustrates the simple and free living attitude of the resident to a large extent and tells the soul and thoughts of the resident. The designer makes full use of corridor space. The lamplight and display are carefully set so that the resident can enjoy different pleasant scene from time to time. The smoky blue angel furnishings collide with the style of primitive utensils, reflecting the deep condensed and elegant implication. In addition, the simple pure wood shelf and the artistic conception of multiple structures provide people a three-dimensional unique visual experience. The large wide wall cabinet at cloakroom is decorated with natural texture, making the space look more comfortable. Planting natural trees into the room forms a bright contrast for spatial vision, creating a wonderful visual feast and inspiring people to imagine to be free from the bondage of soulless thinking. The advocacy for natural and the pursuit of plain artistic conception remain the biggest characteristic of the sitting room. The designer appropriately uses micro cement materials and low saturation colors to decorate the space while getting rid of superfluous objects. Under the retention of natural imperfections, the space presents a sense of age and roughness. People feel relaxed and sense of security in the whole space. In the plain and simple space, the sofa with light color and natural material reveals the oriental aesthetics of nature, coziness and zen. The rustic vessels, finely polished tea tables and unique textured carpets make the space full of mysterious atmosphere. Thanks to the lighting of low color temperature, the indoor atmosphere present of quiet sense of harmony and hazy sense. As for the design of balcony, the designer decorate it with French windows, which could guarantee infinite daylighting while makes the long beautiful branch more elegant. The walls and floor are mainly with neuter tonal, full of simple sense. All smooth face is replaced with fog face, presenting a sense of wabi-sabi. Art comes from life and life is nourished by art. The calm and restrained overall tone of the restaurant, as well as the overall atmosphere of low saturation create a clear and gentle dreamland. The blooming flowers and furniture of different shapes complement each other, endowing the space with more flexible and warm atmosphere. A wooden desk, a cane chair, and the flower art tell the bleakness of years past without too much flamboyant decoration. Only in the house itself does not fade to retain the primitive nature of beauty, meticulous and extraordinary space temperament, highlighting a delicate and elegant space art form. The table, bookshelf, flowers, decorations are with exquisite material matching, creating a rich visual sense. Through reasonable planning, the designer makes the food space carry the residents' interests and lifestyle, and promote emotional connection and communication between each other. A romantic and joyful life present here. There’s no bright color or multifarious line adornment. Light grey color decorates the whole bedroom space. The designer pays attention to the essence of person and life and hopes people enjoy a moment of inner peace here. The gorgeous colors and wooden cabinet, as well as the pale wall and simple and soft bedding set off a bright emotional atmosphere in a calm space. The space achieves a delicate balance between delicacy and energy. The color of low saturation could make people relax instantly and bring in gentle natural light. The artistic hanging paintings bring the breath of nature to the living space. The whole space is full of gentle atmosphere under the irradiation of light and sunshine. People could enjoy themselves here. The bathroom is in simple style. The designer pays attention to each and every detail in the bathroom, getting rid of redundant decorations. Furthermore, the designer cares about the form of furniture, the space streamline and color and green plants, all of which make the space more leisure and full of wabi-sabi style. Addicted to wabi-sabi, the designer decorates the space with oriental art to show respect to time and nature, and appreciation for simplicity. This case emphasizes the inner space and inhabitant. Let time restore the essence of life. We believe that a harmonious and natural corner is waiting there for us to take a rest.


 Yan Li
 230 mq
 Yong Zhang, Xin Ma
 Yaqi Xu, Qinying Luo, Yanbo Sun, Zewen Lv
 Shengsu Architectural Photography


Touch Design was founded in 2008, focusing on the design and construction services of high-end private houses, commercial and office space. The company has both design and construction qualifications. It is a founding brand that introduces space design into Tianjin in the form of studio, and the network media is a hot brand. We advocate the independence and originality of design and the quality and comfort of space, strive to perfectly combine the scientificity of design with the artistry of vision, provide elite customers with all kinds of high-quality space design and construction services, and always reshape the space design aesthetics with the spirit of ingenuity.


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