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Lijiang Taohuayuan, from the Wenbi Lake to Yulong Mountain


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The project is located on the bank of Wenbi Sea of Lijiang. It connects with Lijiang High Speed Train Station in the east, is next to Chengdu- Lijiang Highway in the south, neighbors Wenbi Mountain and Wenbi Sea in the west and adjoins Lijiang City in the north. There is Shangri LaScenic Area and Lijiang Ancient Town within 20km from the base. It boasts world level landscape advantage. Therefore, in terms of design strategy, we set the street market space of Lijiang Ancient Town in the layout of the Town Center while considering the local customs and feature of Lijiang,dig the value of the plot itself to the maximum extent, and try to build a leisure culture and tourism block hidden in the natural water and mountains. In terms of overall planning, the building is gradually getting higher from the west Wenbi Lake to the east, so that the owners can enjoy the natural landscape resources of the Wenbi Lake to the greatest extent. On the north side of the building is Yulong Mountain. As the visual extension end of the main landscape axis where the town center is located, it sets the tone of "landscape project" for this case. There are various forms of construction in this case, including: two-story compound, four-story courtyard, duplex, eight-story condominiums and foreign-style house as well as the town center. The independent courtyard group and multi-story group fully ensure their privacy and openness. The comprehensive commercial supporting service facilities of the south and the north provide the life support for the whole vacation project. In terms of architectural style, it fully absorbs the local customs of Lijiang and the folk elements of residential buildings. In the architectural facade of the courtyard and the town center, the unique architectural elements of the Naxi nationality are used namely "Rising mountains and falling ranges", "tile cat hanging fish", "wooden lattice window", etc. with modern techniques to create a life scene suitable for the present: the rising mountains and falling ranges of the end of the residential house ridge is simplified to the end warping; The roof of the gable window is simplified to horizontal lines; The window frame and the concave shape are derived from the wooden frame of the residential houses. At the same time, the large glass face and corner window are adopted to enhance the inhabitable feeling of the residents and increase the view of the landscape. The bird terrace at the waist eaves has been abstracted, retaining the Lijiang elements while abandoning the traditional chunky sense. In terms of landscape design, the "decentralized garden" design of single buildings is adopted to introduce the landscape into the interior, improve the living environment, and integrate the interior and outdoor space to promote the landscape penetration. We hope that the owners, whether walking in the residential landscape or living in their own rooms, will have the impulse and affection to live here all the time.


 Lijiang Xianglu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
 79661.08 mq
 Project Director: Yu Jiang
 Project Manager: Jian Qin; Other: Jian Qin, Jiayi Wang, Bin Lu, Jian Liu, Kemeng Yao, ShengZu Guan, Yaoyao Zha , Zhanjie Jin, Siliang Tao, Bo Chen, Binhui Zhou, Fan Wu, Liansheng Chen, Xiaolong Wang, Ganglei Zhang, Xuefeng Wu, Wei Zhu, Wenhao Ni, Fengkai Ma, Yuting Li, Yongqing Cheng, Li Nie, Yuan Yuan Fang, Jinniu Li, Jinghan Chen, Ruohan Zhang, Hao Liu
 Zhejiang Greentown Shenye Construction Management Co., Ltd.
 Bowen Hou


Interior Decoration Design: Hangzhou Greentown Interstellar Construction Co., Ltd.;
Landscape Design Unit: Shanghai Xiangru Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd.;
Civil Construction Unit: 12th Bureau of Construction and installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Of China Railway 12th Bureau Group;
Project Agent: Zhejiang Greentown Shenye Construction Management Co., Ltd.


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