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House C, a new style in Sant'Anna di Chioggia

Arch. Alessandro Ferro

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Arch. Alessandro Ferro

The project consists in the construction of a new house on the edge of a small town in S. Anna di Chioggia. The plot of land borders on two sides with existing small buildings while the other two are free from constructions and it is also possible to expand your garden with an additional 2000 square meters of land now uncultivated. The building was designed as a type of single-family house. It has a total area of about 220 square meters. On the ground floor there is the entrance, the large living room, the living room and the kitchen, as well as a bathroom and a closet while on the first floor there is the master bedroom, two bedrooms, a second bathroom and a laundry. in addition to an open mezzanine that overlooks the living room below, a large perimeter terrace completes the floor. Also on the ground floor there is the garage for a car and a porch for a possible second car. While the small annex, of about 12 square meters, separated from the main building, in addition to containing a small bicycle storage room, acts as a "refuge", a sort of study for moments of relaxation and meditation but at the same time can be transformed into an environment of work. The swimming pool, with a waterfall on the small west side wall, allows you to cool off from the sultry heat of the hold season. While the small hanging garden and the one below complete the architectural composition in a green key. The geometric and linear shapes give the building a contemporary look and a new style that differs from all the surrounding buildings. The large windows on the ground floor, facing the south side, allow the winter light to enter, warming the large "living" environment, while the overhang above prevents overheating in the summer, and if necessary, retractable folding curtains protect privacy. The windows are all sliding and, folding up, they create a unique space between inside and outside, merging all the surrounding space in a sort of great embrace with nature, while enhancing the experience of living. The north wall is almost completely devoid of windows to protect against the cold winds of the area (typical of the Bora) and at the same time guarantee greater energy savings. The flat roof collects rainwater and a tank reuses it to irrigate the garden and lawn. A small barbecue hidden and set in the porch also allows you to grill with relatives and friends.


 280 mq
 Arch. Alessandro Ferro
 Arch. Alessandro Ferro


The Studio opened in 2010 and mainly deals with residential planning in a sustainable key, combining the needs of the client with respect for the environment.
- Design of the raising of three additional floors and renovation of a building in Sottomarina, intervention with proceeds of n. 2 Homes, 2 Attics with attic; for a total of 3600 m³. Client: S.L. Year 2011
- Design of a single-family house in Sottomarina; for a total of 500 m³. Client: B.M. Year 2011
- co-design of subdivision in S.Anna di Chioggia, “PN4” consisting of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and a condominium; for a total of 5250 m³. Client: C.A. Year 2011
- Single-family house project with rustic annex in S.Anna di Chioggia, for a total of 586 m³.
Client: Dr. M.M. Year 2014
- Single-family house project in Sottomarina, Parco degli orti, for a total of 324 m³.
Client: B.M. Year 2014



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