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Prodor Hotel, evoking the scent of European gardens


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The design team delved into the local Shanghai culture and modern aesthetics, based on the meandering form of the Huangpu River, using the invisible rhythm to create "atmosphere" and make a hotel that people can "feel", and composed a city symphony for Profor. This is a unique way to write a sequel of the city of Shanghai. Prodor Hotel is located in the heart of the Yangpu Riverfront in Shanghai and situated in the heart of the East Bund and overlooks the prosperity. The hotel and its surrounding area are planned to be optimized for both sides of the Huangpu River, implementing the design requirement of "century-long plan, century-long quality”. Prodor hotel has a total amount of 51 rooms. The complex includes a restaurant, a bar, a multi-purpose concert hall and a place for relaxation and study. Line is the artistic power of rhythm, where order and balance and the black and white keys become the design philosophy. The flowing curves are the main visuals in the space, outlining the contours of the zones. And the rhythm and rhythmic beauty of the music generated by its metallic material and upward extension. Entering the hotel lobby, the door-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view. The designer borrowed the natural light from the flowing water to create a transparent and magnificent lobby, alluding to the aesthetics of the sea culture of accepting all rivers and being eclectic. Multiple oversized curved columns are placed in each functional area, bringing different feelings from a distance to a closer look with irrational modeling posture. It allows people to appreciate the simple and clear rhythm of space. The hotel space introduces the LOCHERBER series of fragrances, eau de toilette trees and flowers rich in the scent of European gardens, combining smell, sight, sound, taste and touch into a Mediterranean memory of fragrance expression. leading guests to a pure sensory experience - both modern and timeless. It is a feeling beyond rational thinking The hotel is a testament to another richness of design: touching the five senses. The hotel shows another dimension of space: luxury is not a pile of expensive decorations, but a diverse unity designed in a logical way and rhythm, like the afterglow in music and the white space in painting. It is full of the exploration of multiple experiences and the meaning of life, ultimately arriving at a purer beauty. The designer continues the temperament and tone of the architecture and landscape, injecting purity and tension into this hotel, thus bringing a rhythmic, contemporary, and artistic experience that leads to a green field of imagination. The overall color is warm and dark. On the cascading wall design, the designer uses streamlines to transform the abstract music elements into the rhythm of "pentameter" and intertwine them with light and shadow to create a "beating note" on the surface. The concert hall is designed with acoustic treatment, when the music is played, it can present a fantastic acoustic effect, so that every visitor in it is full of shock, and go to a beautiful audio-visual feast together. The restaurant presents an open space, and each area is giving the space a diverse form and unique emotion, with the design concept of "form follows function" running throughout. Balancing open space and partitioning, the restaurant creates a unique dining experience and has a secret space partition. Inspired by the natural environment, the lighting design and lighting scenes should be functional and immersive to soothe the guests, thus creating a complete dining experience for the space. The restaurant has its own extraordinary artistic atmosphere, with clear conceptual boundaries of different elements. The unique material system is also incorporated, more like bringing rich elements into the space scene, in order to use different materials to interweave a unique visual enjoyment. The spacious guest rooms are designed with single-opening wooden doors to create a flexible living space. The bright colors of the furniture and finishes contrast with the plain, light-colored decor of the interior, colliding to create an atmosphere and balance that conveys the unique attributes of the space. It shows the dream created by the curves, as if the notes in the music are beating freely on the black and white keys, and also adds artistic interest to the space. The right expression of space is found between the real and the imaginary. In addition, each guest room is equipped with famous paintings and artworks as a finishing touch to the spatial style. Relying on the atmosphere of sea culture, a touch of poetic elegance is invisibly added. The piano lacquer material on the walls of the hotel rooms increases the light in the room while presenting a more natural and transparent texture.


 Shanghai Zhongbai Group
 9398 mq
 Ted Wu, Allen Wu
 Binjie Xu
 Qiwen Photography


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