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Moli Landscape, immerse themselves in water

Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Hospitality  /  Completed
Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

The designers pay attention to innovation and profession with an eye to effective and word-of-mouth. Using the professional knowledge in new retailers, consumption, spread and other areas, the designers complete the popular project by understanding the commerce and humanity. “Rivers surround the mountains. We introduce the commercial procedures into the project from the perspectives of micro and macro realm, promoting the innovation in the differentiated landscape to the most.” The designers said. “The distance between mountains should be suitable for viewing. The condition of water should be accessible.” High skip-floor and floor-to-ceiling daylight rarely can be achieved in restaurant in the hall. The designers introduce the sunlight and wind into the restaurant. With sunshine, there will be vitality, temperature, dawn and dusk, as well as change of the sun and the moon. During the micro and macro realm, the designers create the details and spaciousness of natural image, demonstrating philosophy via the winding light shadow. With contemporary design, the designers express poetic expectation of writers and poets via the change of light shadow. Free and orderly form constitute the natural landscape. Simulating natural form, the designers accentuate the order in the continuous change, a sense of order in what appears to be disorder. The blanking of the main facade brings a special interface to the building, while present another corner --- elimination of the main entrance forms a cave entrance. The entrance likes a fan-shaped preface. Wandering along the stream in the dense forest, guests can have a broader horizon after walking slowly following the stairs. The roof lines are designed into huge cantilever style, and gradually decline with the natural slope, creating a comfortable space. Therefore, guests can enjoy their time in the restaurant just like in the natural landscape. Beyond the shape of mountain, the designers hope to present human’s emotion to nature and pursuit in spiritual world with oriental philosophy, which can be seen in this project. Based on landscape, the space is full of elegant details under the grand order. The beauty of Landscape lies in the gaps between line, where there are wind, sunshine and emotion. Therefore, a complete connection between the building and guests has been set. Creating surprise via innovation. Having years of experience in commercial operation from the perspective of owner, Jingle Design creates many landscapes which have evoked the echo with human. The quality ingredients, classic features and interactive experience reflect the distinctive and exquisite details of this project. Combing commercial procedures, oriental aesthetic and modern life, the designers realize the connection between customers and the space, demonstrating the quality and style of the space.


 537 mq
 Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai


Splendid nature, rolling mountains, the precious natural landscape, reflecting macro philosophy from micro realm. In this project, Jingle Design realize the combination between mountains and rivers, evoking spiritual echo in commercial space.


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