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DQ Designer Toys Store in Shanghai, a galactic city within a city

CFB Group&Lion Design

Hospitality  /  Completed
CFB Group&Lion Design

Nowadays, young generations have a strong individual thinking on social and consumption. Usually, they put interest in the first place, and are keen on fashion while pay attention to personal experience. Young generation’s values, views of life and consumption have gone a comprehensive innovation, which has a profound impact on the business strategy of enterprises and brand marketing paradigm. Based on the new needs and new philosophies of young people, DQ Shop at Shanghai Huaihai Road strives to subdue the perception of consumers with innovative, trendy and dreamy features in space design, bringing them pioneering and diversified interesting experience. The bright orange brand, transparent and cool glass finish, diversified fashion symbols and the slogan "Feel DQ Fun" surprise us at the entrance space, making consumers unable to restrain their curiosity and impulse at the first sight and arousing strong expectations. The triangular shape of the storefront signboard is very beautiful with the decoration of light spots, looking like diamonds, being a clear memory point, and further integrating the brand lattice with space art. Stepping up along the steps, we as if come into a time tunnel. Each and every where is full of fashion, fantasy and advanced trend. When entering the store, we notice that the ice and snow device on the side of the door comes into our view, where the passionate sports elements collide with the "snow", turning it into an Instagram-worthy location, so that consumers can experience the charm of ice and snow sports. Taking broad view inside store, we find that Chinese red color and dazzle silver color add radiance and beauty to each other, making the whole space like a galactic city with the decoration of fashionable blue color. The designer follows the creative concept of dual vision and conception, creates a fantasy environment with good use of materials, colors and lights. Therefore, a multiverse is created in this way. The service desk and display cabinet with high appearance cleverly echo with lines, light and shadow, releasing rich science fiction atmosphere on the one hand, and breaking space order on the other. In this way, an infinite artistic temperament is created. The guest area is dominated by warm Chinese red color and silver grey, creating a modern and cool avant-garde style. The three-dimensional landmark building shape on the wall and the word "Shanghai" make consumers experience the rhythm of the city all the time. The linear lamp post above, with a very futuristic sense, creates a diversified layer of space and time with a very futuristic sense. In order to create a more advanced immersive experience, the designer adds a large intelligent LED screen on the wall, which makes the whole space cool and mysterious by playing eye-catching 3D animation. At the same time, the LED screen and mirror reflection add radiance to each other, enhancing the visual tension and further sublimating the artistic style of the space. Yes, even a small space could be an infinite one. In addition, the designer fully considers the current trend and cultural influence of the physical store’s brand image design, creating an Instagram-worthy location, delicacy space and so forth, as well as providing consumers with diversified dining experience and joy by coordinating with famous brands. At the same time, the social communication features of each functional area makes the space design and brand products complement each other, which can continuously bring new popularization to the brand.


 CFB Group
 124 mq
 Yan Rong, Guoqian Gao
 Silu Qi, Yi Ren
 Niko Ni
 Ban Nong


Founded in 2006, Lion Design is good at creative design and standard implementation of high-end brands. Now it has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou, serving more than 200 catering companies, and has become the leading brand integration service provider in the catering industry. Lion Design is not a simple design company, but based on 20 years of service experience in China's large catering industry, guided by the development of the catering market, based on the deep insight into the needs of the target customer group, and guided design with strategic thinking, Reflect the strategy with creative design, so as to provide customers with an explosive overall brand scheme from market positioning to brand image that truly meets the needs of the market.

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