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Banyan Tree Xianju Resort, evoking the memory of the ancient village


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General: Banyan Tree Xianju Resort has unique geographical conditions and excellent landscape resources. Based on the respect and integration of nature and the pursuit and persistence of quality, we strive to create a high-end boutique hotel with complex functions, beautiful environment and excellent experience. The project has a total land area of 13,420.4 square meters, a total construction area of 28,723.2 square meters, an above-ground area of 21,824.6 square meters, an underground area of 6,680.77 square meters, 67 standard rooms, 6 suites and 96 parking Spaces. The plot has prominent landscape resource advantages and rich cultural deposits. The design aims to make flexible use of the complex terrain of the original site of Lishan Village, based on the architectural forms and elements of traditional mountain villages in Zhejiang, combined with modern technology and materials, to create a wild, simple and quiet atmosphere of the park. In terms of layout, the original landform of Lishan Village is skillfully used, and the site is located in the hinterland of Wujia Mountain. The large public area of the hotel is combined with the elements of the stone wall in the original village, and the ground-like architectural form is placed at the boundary of the base with broad vision to enjoy the first-line landscape. The guest room area is placed above the public area and presented in the form of a settlement, evoking the memory of the ancient village. The scattered public buildings, supplemented by mountain paths and connecting bridges, connect the hotel lobby and recreation area to the all-day restaurant and Chinese restaurant, and then to the spa and hot spring area at the mountainside, creating a natural and cultural tour. The architectural form is not limited to the use of cultural symbols, while capturing the local culture, integrating the Banyan Tree seclusion temperament, using natural and local materials to present a natural and simple mountain retreat image. The architectural style of the design is intended to show the collision and integration of traditional landscape and modern elements. The all-glass facade of the public space ensures the best landscape presentation. The guest room of Villa takes the original local ecological village as its theme, with small bridges, flowing water, trees and winding paths, which are integrated with the natural landscape and return to the charm and soul of traditional architecture. Technical : Vernacular architecture seems to be born organic. They appropriated natural forms and structures and was simply built with local materials. Further, vernacular architecture is part of the process of human survival, reproduction and continuity of life. It is closely linked to the land and to the human spirit. In the selection of materials for the building, we have given preference to organic materials. The stones of the “Old Parapet” in the original village were reapplied as a finish to the base.


 Zhejiang Xiantai Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
 28723.2 mq
 Project Director/ Project Creative: Kaijian Zhang
 Project Manager: Xuan Wu; Other: Lu Zhang, Ziang Liu, Guangzhao Chen, Ying Li, Yingyao Wu, Zuhang Zhuo, Maoqing Shao, Zhenhuan Zhang
 Zhejiang Xiantai Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
 Tongchuang architectural expression, gad


Hotel Management: Banyan Tree Holding Company Limited;
Interior design: Yang Bangsheng Design Group;
Kitchen design: Shanghai Newray Kitchen Consultant Co., Ltd.;
Landscape Design: Tourism Design (Shenzhen) priority design, KKSIC-Kanko Designers & Associates Co., Ltd.;
Mechanical and electrical design: Shanghai Baiheng Electromechanical Design Office Co., Ltd.;
Rendering: Tongchuang architectural expression.


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