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A little piece of the world in a small corner of South Tyrol: Manna Resort

Pichler Architects

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Pichler Architects

MANNA RESORT Symbiosis of inside and outside, local and global - "A little piece of the world in a small corner of South Tyrol" is the vision of Maria Luisa Manna for her now opened "Manna Resort" in Montagna (BZ) in South Tyrol, Italy. Pichler Architects together with Moretti Interiors, created an extraordinary accommodation with Asian style influences, harmoniously embedded in the beautiful nature, on a 12,000 square meter hillside property. The resort offers 15 individually designed suites and junior suites as well as three chalets, two restaurants with top cuisine, a spa and gym as well as a complementary medicine center. The ensemble of buildings, with its network of paths modeled like the branches of a tree, blends almost seamlessly into the surroundings thanks to its green roofs. At the same time, it repeatedly opens up unobstructed views of the South Tyrolean mountains. This corresponds to the concept of the design, as architect Klaus Gummerer of Pichler Architects explains: "The building volumes have been integrated into the existing slope situation in a step-like and branch-like manner and have been positioned and organized in such a way that the different parts of the building have the best possible views of the surrounding nature without compromising the privacy of the guests. The subtle distribution of the building volumes leads to a fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces." Native porphyry and fine vibrations - The materials wood, glass, copper, and porphyry stone characterize the ambiance of the resort. For example, the weathered exterior walls are clad with recyclable copper sheeting, and the walls and canopy ceilings of the sheltered terraces are made with local larch wood. Native porphyry was used for the terraces and access paths. Numerous challenges were successfully overcome during construction - not only due to the effects of the Corona pandemic but also due to conditions on the site. During the excavation work, for example, much more rock was encountered than initially assumed. The interior design of the resort surprises again and again with unusual shapes. For example, hundreds of wooden rods swing in the entrance area, hanging plants from the ceilings in one of the restaurants. Sculptural wooden walls made of fine boards also create harmonious "vibrations". Local materials, global interior - Sustainability is a top priority at the Manna Resort, and this is reflected in both the small and the large. Even during the construction of the resort, care was taken to use sustainable, recyclable, and local materials as much as possible and to commission local and regional suppliers. The Manna Resort is certified as climate-neutral. In the restaurant area, longer-lasting potted plants are used as table decorations instead of cut flowers. The hotel's Asian-inspired style expresses owner Maria Luisa Manna's admiration for the culture, the ancient knowledge of physical well-being, and the distinctive flavors and aromas of Thailand. In addition to exquisite materials and designer furnishings, the resort features art objects and collectibles, collected by Manna herself over the years from all over the world. The collectibles were skilfully integrated into the interior design by Enrico Moretti (Moretti Interiors), and some rooms were created specifically around individual objects. The result is a stylish mix of antiquity, modernity, and originality. The guest rooms take you stylistically to distant countries, cities, or foreign continents - each is uniquely designed and curated and planned down to the finest detail. In addition, the rooms offer views of the surrounding mountains and the Adige Valley. In the three 55 to 75m² chalets, slightly off the main house, guests can find even more privacy and space. Two chalets below a striking porphyry rock share an artfully curved outdoor pool. The third chalet crowns the rocky outcrop.


 Montagna (BZ)
 Franz Haas Srl
 12.000 mq
 Pichler Architects
 Moretti Interiors
 Oskar DaRiz



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