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JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic, combining the flexible needs of epidemic prevention with the continuous follow-up

Xiaojing Su、Hongfeng Wang、Shijun Meng、Meng Xiao、Dan Zhao

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Xiaojing Su、Hongfeng Wang、Shijun Meng、Meng Xiao、Dan Zhao

A sudden disaster in 2020, covid-19, has had a great impact on our life. Maybe it will permanently change our way of life. Sudden large-scale public health events are fierce, so we need to make preparations quickly. On the one hand, it is difficult to reconstruct a large number of independent fever clinics in the existing general hospitals in the city. On the other hand, the use or recovery of a large number of temporary emergency facilities after the epidemic is unknown. At present, the New Coronavirus epidemic is still unknown in the world. It has entered normal prevention and control and may become a long-term trend. Therefore, a system integrated medical facility product, which is superior to temporary emergency medical facilities and can be built up quickly and meet the requirements of high-level protection, is urgently needed. JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic is a medical facility integrated product with complete functions, energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling to deal with the normalization prevention and control of public health events. Although its area is limited, it has complete functions. JS01MFC covers an area of 594 square meters, a service area of 1376 square meters and a height of 11.69 meters. It is assembled with 48 modules. The interior is divided into three zones: clean area, potential pollution area and pollution area. The main functional modules include fever consulting room, pharmacy, negative pressure high-risk consulting room, negative pressure high-risk observation room, infusion room, rescue room, sampling room, laboratory, CT room, PCR laboratory, negative pressure isolation operating room and supporting room of operating room, negative pressure isolation observation ward and supporting room of medical staff. JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic has the following three innovations: first, pre system and high integration. Each module is prefabricated in the factory, and a single module is hoisted and assembled after being transported to the base by large vehicles. The on-site operation speed is very fast, saving a lot of time and labor cost. Second, it can provide full life cycle products and services. If the epidemic situation ends or transfers, JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic can move to a new location as a whole, realize remote operation, or recycle. Third, JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic can basically realize "island operation". If the supporting conditions of the base are insufficient, it can be solved by adding customized equipment modules, such as solar power generation integrated equipment module, sewage ecological treatment module, etc., or adding water purification equipment module. These characteristics are in line with the concept of low-carbon life and sustainable development. JS-01 Modular Fever Clinic has complete functions, comfortable environment and high safety protection level. At the same time, it can combine the flexible needs of "combination of epidemic prevention" with the continuous follow-up, optimization and improvement services after the project is implemented. For local residents to solve common diseases, frequently occurring diseases, difficult to see a doctor, difficult to see a doctor and other problems. At ordinary times, it provides patients with one-stop services of comprehensive disciplines and high-quality medical services.


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 Xiaojing SU
 Xiaojing Su、Hongfeng Wang、Shijun Meng、Meng Xiao、Dan Zhao


The team led by Xiaojing Su has been engaged in environmental space planning and design for a long time, and has accumulated more experience in comprehensive environmental transformation design. The team adheres to the people-oriented perspective, respects the characteristics of the base, handles comprehensive problems in complex environments, and puts forward systematic design solutions.


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